Extremely Active, Established NullSec Community, OWNED - Imperium- EU/US/AU TZ

The answer is yes ofc

We don’t really have a min so req it’s more of a you need to be able to fly a capital req

We like t use our caps :sunglasses:

Owned has reopened recruitment and are now looking for active players to join our team. Come speak with a recruiter on our public discord.

Public Discord

Come fly in the best fleets, with the best alliance, in the best space in null!

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Daily Fleets



Their is no ship spinning like null sec ship spinning.



Come talk with a recruiter.

Public Discord

Come fly, mine, and make with us! 11 years in Nullsec! https://discord.gg/nJZ5nUX

Looking for more pilots that want to chill out while they kill rocks and mine rats! Don’t know how to mine a rat? We will teach you!!! :grinning:

Hey, still recruiting? Any safe space for a miner and his alts? Safe to rat in systems? I’m interested as all I seem to find are corps recruiting in null sec and then I find out there is very few people active and online and I spend most of my time docked up :confused:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Well, there is no nullsec without SOME Pvp, but we can take care of our own space.

Hey I might be interested in joining your corp. Please take a look at my post and let me know whether you think I’m a good fit. Thanks for your time.


Come over to discord and we can have a chat



Come Join The War Machine