Faction Warfare - join us fight the Amarr!

Topic from the old forum:

We’re aware of the summer hole and the inability of the Amarr to put up a real fight at the moment. We’re still holding the Minmatar / Amarr warzone and hope for some good fights in the near future.

We’re an international communits from all over the globe. There are many EU TZ players and also some in US and AUT TZs.

If you’re Italian or Italian speaking: we also have an Italian speaking corporation.

The main language of our Alliance on comms is English. If you’re in the Italian corp, they do frequent fleets in Italian language.

What we offer:
An international community of mature players with PVP focus on small and medium gangs (#30Firetails). We also have mission runners, when we reach a high tier and sometimes we do other fun stuff or operations to further our cause or grow our ISK wallet. We have a very experienced team, which can teach you on how to fit your ship properly for PVP and explain, which modules would work for which purpose.

What we’re looking for:
Any capsuleer interested joining the Faction Warfare or already participating in it. New capsuleer or veteran doesn’t matter. We also got some Alpha clones on our side. Be active, join comms, join fleets and watch your enemies explode and your killboard grow.

You should be self sufficient, as we can’t sponsor everyone from A-Z. You won’t need much ISK, as it’s fine to use T1 Frigates or Destroyers. Sometimes we hop in Cruisers. We also have big guns, but these are used rather rarely and only, if needed.

SP minimum?
Well, not really, but you won’t be able to make any impact in a Corvette.

Which Corporation in our Alliance you join is up to you. We are many and are one. Check out, which one you like and contact their recruiter. If you’re not sure, we usually have some people hanging out in the “Hoplite Pub” channel. They can answer questions, direct you to the corp in our Alliance you’re looking for or establish direct contact with a recruiter.

Please note it’s summertime. Don’t give up, if you can’t find any recruiter online right away. We have real life and we don’t have any mandatory events or online times, CTAs or anything the like…

Ushra’Khan is the oldest Alliance in New Eden. Come and join [UNITY] today!

I’ll also try to answer questions here.

In the meantime, fly safe o7


Don’t hesitate, you know you want to hunt and kill the Amarr slavers just as much as we all do.

You can ask questions here, if you want to.

The Amarr are trying to form and take back the warzone:

Let’s not make that happen. :wink:

We will retake the warzone, its about time you slaves relearned your place :slight_smile:

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Come and try.
We’re so awesome, the new EVE forum has our alliance symbol as an emoji.


You can’t beat that :wink:

:fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist: :fist:


Not sure, what’s going on.
Did you Amarr pay some lowsec alliance AND a wormhole corp to annoy us or what’s going on?
Still can’t get hold of any warzone system?

Asked the low sec alliance to help us out a bit (we have no ustz) and i got some friends there. The wormhole alliance is some friends from one of my characters corp.

If you’re interested in PVP and Minmatar / Amarr Faction Warfare and want to join a corporation, you currently have only few options:

  1. Join the Ushra’Khan alliance, if you want to fight for freedom and keep the religious fanatics out of our warzone. We are very successful and are holding the complete warzone since more than one month.

  2. Join Quinlin Harpy, if you’re a slaver, who fights for oppression of the Minmatar and uses a god to justify the evil motives. They also have help from their pirate “friends” in lowsec, but still can’t get a foot into the warzone.

A third option is to find another corp participating in this war or simply participate without joining a corp.


Well the only reason Minmatar has taken/held the reason is because the main Amarr FW alliances moved out and the remaining FW numbers were too few to retake anything.

Regardless, we are getting stronger by the day, growing in numbers and skill and us ‘fanatics’ will serve you filthy slaves justice on a golden plate and return you to the slave mines that you belong! Minmatar filth!

Glory to Amarr!

To sum it up:
If you need to make up excuses, why you’re losing the warzone, hire pirates to assist you and you need to use an “invisible friend” to justify your inhuman and backwards ideology of slavery, go join Amarr.

If you’d rather fight for freedom with honor, join the Minmatar!

You can either give your freedom away by standing idly by or you can do the right thing and fight those, who will take it from you.

We can’t lose what we don’t have :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though look at the statistics, you guys have more than double the numbers yet half the overall kills O.o Clearly we’re doing okay. And besides, we’re growing in numbers rapidly and will soon be able to start retaking the warzone from you slaves!

Can’t wait to get some really good fights!

What are you comparing?

Minmatar KB (460 characters):

Amarr KB (514 characters):

Considering the Amarr top alliance is located in Nullsec, it’s obvious, why that faction has more kills.

Please note, I’m well aware you’re a human being and our quarrel is purely ingame, so I have no interest in pissing you off. I value your opinions and admire your passion for the war… but!

I think that image only proves my point.
How much of these kills from the Amarr Empire were from the top performer alliance CVA in Providence and not FW related?
I haven’t checked the entire KB, but so far I’m sure it takes a very large slice of the killboard cake. That fakes the statistics and the point you made is invalid.

Again, I’m not trying to piss you off.

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That leaderboard is for the last 90days (3 months). So if we look at the kills of CVA for the last 3 months:

So even when you deduct their kills (Even though they do have quite a bit of activity in the warzone), that still puts amarr at roughly 27200 kills, around 3464 more that Minmatar. Which is still quite impressive considering how outnumbered we are.

Anyway, lets put this behind now and just stick to roleplaying here :slight_smile: I don’t want to argue on your recruitment thread.

Our Italian friends made this video - enjoy!

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Some TZ are not yet represented as much as we would like, so our recruitment is still open.

Some months ago, I’ve joined grafik with my new PVP character, because…

  • I was sick of being a nullbear.
  • I’ve tried everything else apart from PVP and FW.
  • The amarrians located in the region from the video in previous post.
  • I needed to lose the jitters and heartpounding in PVP situations to think clearly.
  • I needed serious advise in solo and small gang PVP.

The choice was obvious for me. If I’d join FW, then as a Minmatar character fighting for the tribes against the evil slavers.

Even with Frigates at the beginning, I could tell, this is the most fun thing to do. Shooting at war targets with your friends was very rewarding. I’ve even extracted most skills from my former main character and injected them, so I’ll be ready for up to cruiser size ships. That day, what was supposed to be a “PVP alt”, became my main character.

I’ve never looked back. If it weren’t the greatest alliance I’ve ever been a part of, I’d have stopped playing EVE.

Listen to Temmet and join the good fight for the Matari!

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