Feature Request: Access CORP Wallet and other CORP info

The amazing features already included in the Eve Portal App are starting to feel a bit neglected.

I think a great way to make it feel more powerful would be to add CORP info, at the very least wallet info.

Being able to review the CORP wallet(s), from the phone would make revenue easier to keep track of. The current feature set is great for buying and selling, although it has a few issues. One being: Inability to review a transaction if the wallet used was a CORP wallet (in-game).


Hello! Thank you for your feedback and we have delivered your suggestion to the dev team. Fly safe. o7

Is there a roadmap or list of features being worked on?

I feel like there are a lot of great suggestions here, but none of them are being implemented.

I also really love the app! Access to the Corp wallet and transaction notifications would be awesome!