Feature Request: Eve Portal EFT

In the past apps such as EFT on p.c. or Eve Droid on mobile have allowed me and friends to make ship fittings and theory craft on the go. Would love to see something of the sort:)


Check out Evanova. Don’t know how good the fitting tool is, but it was last updated 5 days ago, so it is at least being maintained.


Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we have delivered your suggestion to the dev team. Fly safe. o7

I would also like to add that it would be nice if we can interact with our in game saved ship fittings, even save more ship fittings from the app. It would be cool too, if we could fit ships and have them fit and ready in game as well. Maybe we could even choose a trading hub to buy ships and modules from to fit out and have the ships ready and waiting in the chosen trading hub the next time we log in.