Feature request: Manually sort characters

Would love to be able to manually re order the characters in the overview / character select.


I was thinking a “sort by standings” feature would be nice. Might give you what you want and be easier for CCP to implement.

That said, I also want more standings choices, which I guess could be differentiated by a triangle rather than a square icon. It could be that an orange triangle represents slightly bad and a light blue triangle represents slightly good.

Another idea would be to have a box at the top of the overview where you drag and drop names that stay there until you take them out, not even disappearing when you or they leave system but still there but faded if so.

how about making your own topic regarding the standings… what the OP is referring to, is NOT in game, but via the APP.

@Mortao While its not the best idea, currently the only way to reorder the characters, is to add them in the order that you want them in, to the app.

Huh? What APP??

Look in the section of the forums we are under…
EVE Technology and Research > EVE PORTAL

This is in relation to the Phone App.

Oh. Thanks. Never heard of it.

+1 for sorting options. I have quite a few characters in the app, added by account rather than grouping them by frequency of needed actions (like skill training or market review or mail), and so have a lot of very unnecessary scrolling. Paired with a crummy interface for adding and removing characters (which frequently experiences bugs and doesn’t properly work) reordering the list via the remove/readd workaround is frustrating. A simple long-press to activate drag and drop sorting, similar to the skill queue management, would be a bery nice QoL improvement.


Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We’ve delivered it to our dev team.