Features: email notification / hiding forum categories / notifications mute

Email notification :

  • Being able to “subscribe” to a post and get emails (evemail / real mail)
  • Get email when someone replies to our own posts (configurable)

Hide/Collapse forum categories:

Allows us to collapse or hide forum categories to save space. This would allow us to have better use of the forum, especially when we don’t see all categories we don’t care about (other languages for example)

Mute Notification

Allows us to mute a category and all its subcategories at once, because currently we have to set them all manually, sub categories included (unless that changed since my first test)

Currently on my phone so please excuse the formating.

Afaik you can already mute entire categories by going to your account preferences -> categories and enter the category you want to mute in tge mute section.

The email notifications can be found in the email category of your account preferences.
I’m not sure if those do actually work or not as I have not tested it yet

The mail can’t be changed, because it’s linked to SSO and our character. So i can’t (unless this change) change it / use it to get email notifications.

About mute in account pref: does that also mute subcategories when you enter category ?

Hmm the mail thing is true.
It should rather use the mail adress that the account is registered to then some artificial email address which uses our character ID.

I previously tried mailing the email that my forum account is linked to to see if that would show up as an unread message here on the forum but that dufnt seem to work.

I havent tried muting whole categories but it should also mute sub categories.
Only way to find out is to test it.

Do it and tell us your results :smile:

what i did, i’ll see :slight_smile:

Update: it does not look like it works.

I’ve set “General Discussion” in muted, but still see in latest posts in subcategories despite that muted categories says

You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear in latest.

I was trying to do something just to see how it’d render with some collapse

I used this script if you want to try it by yourself (still buggy in some part, but was mostly to test)

This is what it looks like. I should probably darken collapsed category names too…

I wish we could hide unused categories, would be better to browse the forum.

Looks good, I have this page bookmarked as I wan’t to keep an eye on your script :smiley:

Especially that point would ad a lot of usability.

Just double checked, and worked for me. Requires a refresh (F5) though, after you hit save in your preferences. :aura:

Note: Muting a parent category will not block sub-categories from showing. So instead of blocking General Discussion, you should be blocking General

@CCP_Avalon yes it works, but tbh, when I mute a category i’d expect subs to also be muted. But well, i’ll mute everything by hand :frowning:

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Should be relatively quick from the settings page.

With the way Discourse behaves, e-mail addresses are a unique identifier. By using the e-mail address attached to your account, you would be limited to a single forum account / email. This could even result in multiple EVE accounts logging into the same forum account.

If you check the CSM XI S2 minutes, you may see that we considered this approach for a while.

By attaching an artificial e-mail based off your character on the forums we have turned it around, allowing you a forum account for each character in your possession.

If there is enough backing behind this request, we can look into getting something done about it. Mostly just have concerns about maintaining the state between sessions/browsers.

Right now we plan no changes to this functionality.

Makes sense. But I guess you could hide the email section in the account preferences then as it is completly useless for users

Until CCP does something about it, this is a small workaround :

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What does it does to mute almost the whole forum (self explanatory :facepalm:):

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