Fitting mangment improvments

Renamed cause there is so much wrong with the Fitting window. Like how hard can it be to figure that out before throwing this into the game:

  1. Give Option to deattach Fittings from the actual Fitting window or give Option to resize it. Most Corps manage 150+ Fittings, its a pain in the ass todo if you have to scroll all the time

  2. Let us delete multiple Fittings at once. Search for something, shift+click, delete. cant be that hard to get in.

  3. Easy Feature, if i want to safe a Fitting with the same Name as one of my fits please give me a overwrite saved Fitting Option or safe the Fitting under the same Name with the * as it is now.

  4. Do a proper Import/safe Fittings window. Like now you have to hover over the button till the Options for corp and personal Fittings Pop up. Who would want sth like that?? Like how hard is it to add 2 different Buttons?

  5. search box in the Import from file window, so if you have a file with all your fits you dont have to scroll around till you find those you want to Import, but can search, tick, be happy.

Im pretty sure i will stumble over more as i go.

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  1. Not sure if you’re talking about the Fitting Management window or the actual Fittings window where you modify the fitting. If the former you can already open fittings into their own little window for viewing, same as if you click on someone else’s fitting link. If the latter I honestly have no idea what you’re asking for since there’s nothing in the Fitting window to pop out or scroll through except the list of modules in the Ghost Fitting screen.

  2. Potentially, potentially not. I’d say this is one for the Little Things thread, make sure to use the right formatting when posting there.

  3. IMO this one is mostly down to personal preference. I personally lean on CCP’s side for this one because yours would potentially flat out prevent the player from saving fittings with the same name.

  4. It’s actually kind of a pain because the UI needs to work at a bunch of different resolutions, different window sizes, ect. That’s why stuff like this exists, because it allows more options in a smaller space. You may find that stuff like this works better if you mess with the hover popup timer in your settings.

  5. Again, little things thread.


wanted to open new topic as i stumbeld about yours… so i just add something to have whishes & ideas about fitting in one place.

Could we please have an “input-option-field” for the fitting management ?

Having stored nearly everything like modules , ammu and other things in different station containers, i would
really appreciate and option for the fitting-tool from where to take & fit the ship, as we already have in the “Industry-production-window”.
Or, as Multibuy seems to check market for available modules & stuff - it could check Station-Vault 1, 2 and 5 or whatever they are named and how many you have in use.

This could be very helpful, to not have every ever fitted or some more rarely needed ships to be placed fully equipped in the ship hangar.

Naming same ship type, according to different use & with a hint of installed rigs within the fitting management, may help to reduce the number of needed modules in the inventory/container and also the number of same ship type in my hangar, with only little different modules fitted, but having same rigs installed.

Spare ships could be hold packacked in Station-Vaults.

Even though you like some more often used ships, constantly fitted and ready for use, you may not need 4-6 same ECM-Ships ready to use, just for the different mix of ECM-type fitted.

Could be one or two per ECM-Ship - just open “fittiing management” choose ECMship or filter by name and click to fit on desired fitting,… ready to exit station.

This way, i think, the Fitting-Management could be a viable tool, instea of just keeping and sharing someone´s fitting.

I also believe, that it will save us some time, considering travel time(s) to get and buy fittings here and there although you have the modules needed, just equipped to some other ship in your hangar.

P.S. There should be thought of to implement, eihter a tickable option, if it´s wanted to replace rigs, when your ship is rigged differently from choosen fit or a popup question/notification that rigs do differ from choosen fit.
As well for new or unrigged ships.

Tell me what u think.

Greetings Tempauu Lakk.

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I would like the option to PIN the fitting window to a fixed location.

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