Fitting Tool for Eve Portal

CCP, keep me engaged in your game when I can’t login. It’s time to add a fitting tool to Eve Portal. 3rd party tools aren’t cutting it anymore.

  • No limits on the number fits I can save
  • Export capability to PYFA

Fitting Warriors need you to step up your game and give us a way to play, when we’re away.

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To clarify: are you asking for the simulator, pr actual fitting of ships? I am assuming the former but confirmation is good.

I’d just like to be able to fit ships on my phone and export them to other tools like Pyfa or even directly into the game, preferably both.

Hopefully that helps clarify. Let me know if I can add anything else.

Still didn’t fully give an answer, do you want a fitting set up similar to Pyfa or evemon? Or do you want a full blown fitting sim, like what the game has? Text base fitting?

I didn’t understand the question honestly. What does “pr actual fitting of ships” mean?

I don’t need to fit actual ships in game if that is the question.

I used to use Neocom. It had a great interface but now it’s broken and crashes all the time. The developer has RL stuff going on, which I understand because RL comes first.

I used to use Neocom and Neocom II for iOS for all the things now done in Eve Portal, such as check mail and skills, wealth/assets, item database etc. Neocom would also allow you to create and experiment with fits on your phone.

Eve Portal does much of that and even allows you to change your skills but does not have an option to experiment with ship fittings at this point in time.

Pyfa is the best out of game fitting tool right now, in my opinion but it doesn’t have a mobile version.

Being able to work on fits when away from the computer would be awesome and draw me personally into the game more as I like to theory craft for small gang, solo and traditional fleets. Being able to export those fits into the game or other tools like Pyfa would be incredible!

Hope that is helpful.

The fitting tool in EVE has two modes: 1) equipping actual individual ships with actual individual modules and cargo; and 2) simulating what a ship would be like if it was fit with modules/cargo, even if you do jot own said ship/modules/cargo.

It sounds like you are looking for the latter, which is what PYFA does, and should theoretically be possible in EVE Portal but may not be worth the investment - it would be basically an entire additional app to develop on top of Portal. If the code for the in-game simulator is well-isolated, it might be possible to lift it into a mobile development environment, which would save a ton of cost in development - but it wouldn’t come with a lot of PYFA’s tools like skill emulation and damage profile modeling.

I’m not sure this would overall be a worthwhile dev investment for sheer effort/cost reasons, and given other tools out there (even if they are not mobile-phone based), but if it is viable from an effort/cost perspective I’d love to see it happen.

A polished version of EveDroid’s fitting simulator

would be nice

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Yeah a mobile fitting tool, would be amazing eve Droid was great except now it’s out of date and no longer being worked on. Eve portal already has access to your skills and implants. A fitting tool that would connect with the game, via a save to character option, but also allow EFT format for sharing your fit on 3rd party text apps.

Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we have delivered your suggestion to the dev team. Fly safe. o7

So when is eve portal update coming??

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did you not pay attention that a dev just responded a day before you?? it may take a while before this may actually be implemented.