Forum Feature Requests: Introduce CCP, CSM, and ISD tags that we can track and filter

Feature Request #1: Introduce CCP, CSM, and ISD Tags that would be automatically applied whenever a respective member creates a post, but obviously could not be applied by posts created by other players. This would allow us to search/filter posts by these tags, and also add these tags to our Notification settings for easy watching. Many of us want to be able to observe official/semi-official EVE posts on the forums (without manually filtering for each CCP/CSM/ISD member), but they are scattered all over and we don’t want to have to browse every category every time we want to make sure we didn’t miss anything; this feature would allow us filter relevant posts.

Yes, I am aware that there is an “official” tag that already exists; however, it has some problems:

  • It is not always applied when a CCP member creates a post - see example
  • It does not apply when CSM/ISD posts
  • It does not have the granularity to separate between the three if we wanted to see only one but not the rest

Feature Request #2: Create a “Metacategory” that simply aggregates posts that have these tags. The category would have three subcategories, one for each of the above tags. Note that for the ISD tag, SCOPE articles could show up here (though that would mean they’d have to first be posted elsewhere if they aren’t already, I haven’t actually checked). SCOPE articles have been badly neglected over the past few years (SCOPE videos too, but not to the same extent), so this would give them a boost since basically nobody uses the RSS feeds and they haven’t been populated anyway. This metacategory would allow us to browse the category as we would any other without having to manually search for tags or add tags to our notifications. The ability to browse the metacategory instead of searching/notifications by tags isn’t just a matter of convenience, but it is also particularly important for users who are not aware of the tag system or that the new tags exist.

Edit: Turns out Feature #2 already exists (see screenshots below, but Feature #1 is still needed since Feature #2 does not provide all of the functionality provided by Feature #1 (search, filter, tracking, easy visual identification, centralized notifications, etc)



:red_circle: In addition to that we need corp/alliance info back in the character info. Especially for the CSM it is very annoying if you cannot figure out to which group a certain individual belongs.

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i support this message

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Cool idea. That should happen

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I’ve updated my original post to indicate that Feature #2 already exists, but Feature #1 does not exist but should be implemented to provide functionality such as search, filter, tracking, easy visual identification, centralized notifications, etc.

I’m also going to start linking examples of recent CCP topics that are lacking the “official” tag - this will accomplish a few things: it will non-artificially keep this post alive, and it will create backlinks on those posts that refer to this thread, which other players might click to check this thread out and voice their support (this category of the forums is frequently overlooked so backlinks will help draw some much-needed attention)

So it occurred to me that since a “csm” tag already exists, there’d need to be a way to differentiate between discussions of CSM and posts by CSM members (two tags?)

@CCP_Aurora I noticed you liked this thread, so what are your thoughts on my suggestions? I hope it is being given some consideration!

There are some solid suggestions in here. I’m chatting with the web devs about what might be possible.

Also hoping to fix the background on the sides of the forum here that seem to have some issues…

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Agree, the Dev Posts link page has been broken for a full week, redirecting to ‘undefined’

Yep, I’ll put in to have that looked at here now. Thanks for letting me know.


It’s fixed now.

I wish reddit had a similar CCP post filter.

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