Found Corp, pls close

Hi! Obvious Alt here until i decide where to go.

I am looking for a larger corp to get involved in the war as quickly as possible, so please no small or unaffiliated groups. I have a large stable of mostly unsubbed alts that will get subbed when time and ISK are there. Right now I only have time for PvP and want to get in on the war.

Legacy or Panfam Preferred. Would rather not join Horde or Brave, but those are good fallbacks if I cannot find a home in NC. PL, or Legacy elsewhere.

I have a lot of FC and small gang experience, including BLOPS, Wormholes, and Alliance Tournament for 3 years. Haven’t lead or been in fleets over 100+ but would like to cross that off the list. I fly links, booshers, scouts and DPS all day. Can do perfect logi but dont do it much. I like fast and aggressive Style.

I need someone who can handle the volume of alts quickly during recruiting, I dont want to wait a month because I have 100 alts, even though 90 are hardly used.

The Important Characters
230mil SP Main- everything except titans can be flown, all subcaps almost perfect (no indy) including Perfect links, boosher, T3C/D.

90m SP Titan- Good Dreads across 4 races, Owns and flies and Erebus with all important skills to 5, still perfecting Phenomena/links

Secondary PvP- 50-60 mil training into links and generic subcaps . Use him for cynos, bombers, DPS mostly, but is close to good for links and working into T3C

Dedicated Armor FAX
Dedicated Nyx
BLOPS/Dread Characters x 2 (Nag+Panther)

JF and trader pilot, plus a secondary hauler for freighters/DST/BRs and a couple of Lvl 5 cynos and some scanners

I have a shitty Dictor alt and HIC alt, but hardly used, Im usually focused on main or more important alts, but they exist.

The rest (80-90) are in 3 corps that used to do trade, PI, trading, and indy. Almost all are unsubbed and some are NPC corp.

EDIT: would love to chat voice with a recruiter for a larger corp in the mentioned alliances. Once I decide I will obviously provide all the names, APIs, etc for all characters.

We’re in legacy and on the front lines of the war. We are a dedicated pvp corporation. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

i can put you in touch with a few potential corps that are deploying, hit me up if your interested

I am interested. My biggest question would be if legacy integrates things like SIGs, has access to all types of ops and fleets, or if a lot of fleets are split by alliance within the Coalition. Since I am interested in skirmish, BLOPS, and CAPs, I would want to be on those ops regardless of which alliance is running them. If not I would have to look at Brave or Test

Please do! If you want to PM the names to me in game or send them my name I will take a look.

Yea, of course they do. Like I mentioned stop by our discord and have a chat.

Sent you an in-game mail!

Hello mate

As The imperial fleets Flood into delve , Querious and fountain , our veteran and new bro pilots alike smiling with that crazed look in there eyes , blood on there trigger fingers and all endorphins satisfaction Levels achieved , are always looking for more players To join our very active gaming community

Come have a chat with us mate 🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone

We would love to hear from you

Stop by.

We live in Malpais so should be a short trip for you.


We would be interested in you, check us out

Hey Clerical,

Come check us out at The Phoenix Uprising (TPUX). We’re a member of the heavily pvp-focused Federation Uprising (FEDUP) alliance and based out of Immensea as a member of Legacy.

TPUX is traditionally an industry-based corporation, but these days we’ve grown to be quite a mixed bag, and you’ll find plenty of content in just about every aspect of the game.

What we offer:
-Tight-knit community that does just about everything in EVE
-Buyback programs
-Multiple moons each week, with one very profitable alliance mining op a week
-Shipping service
-Excellent crabbing space in Immensea
-Plenty of pvp action

What we require:
-Mic and willingness to be on comms
-Participation in home defense and strat ops/CTAs (no FATs or PAPs though)

If you’d like to learn more, please hop in the in-game channel “TPUX Recruitment” as well as our discord channel:

Feel free to ping me on discord or message me ingame if you have any questions.

contact me


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