Freighters are too cost effective to suicide gank. Need HP increase

No idea what that means.

But I tried to make it look like Captain Kirk…

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Nobody cares about freighters. The obvious answer, “no you are not getting a HP buff because you’re too stupid to avoid getting ganked”, was given over 800 posts ago. All that’s left is laughing at idiot Trump supporters as a break from laughing at farmer trash.

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Still butthurt, running around insulting people by calling them Trump supporters, grow up manchild.

Yeah fair enough.

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It’s me. Me me. The real me. Despite him telling everyone otherwise!
It doesn’t need to mean anything. :slight_smile:

Kirk does not have a beard, but the resemblence is striking!


Also, because it’s apparently topic for whatever reason: ■■■■ trump supporters!



My apologies.
I’ve left the door open.
She escaped.

Calm down, miners.

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