Fusion Enterprises Ltd is recruiting for PvP , Miners / ratters

(Llora) #22

Still looking for more folks.

(Llora) #23

Come to Null sec

(Llora) #24

Recruiting still open.

(KiloAlpha) #25

Bumping for a good guy

(Saul Redgrave) #26


I’m gonna save this one.

(Llora) #27

Looking for more folks

(Llora) #28

Still looking for more

(Ncc 1709) #29

Still recruiting, we can bring in whole corps to live in our systems. pop into our publicfusen chat ingame for more info

(Llora) #30

Come to null sec

(HVC Reignfire) #31

This application is for two pilots. My buddy is a veteran Eve player (51mil sp) dating back to the very beginning. I am fairly new (8mil sp), but have an educated background with the game and thirsty to learn more. We’re just now coming back to the game with a competitive drive for PvP. Our goal is to find a home in nul space with a healthy, cooperative group of players with PvP being the lifeblood of gameplay. We are flexible with what the needs of our corp are.

We’re both mature players, 28 years of age with careers. Our time spent on Eve is balanced with work/family/friends/Military (I am active duty Navy). I’m shore based and have plenty of time for gaming.

Please respond,
HVC Reignfire. Inviz0. < (Friends character name)

(Llora) #32

Come chat PUBLICFUSEN in game to chat with members and get a feel for things. Also, you can apply on our website, https://fusen.co.uk/

(Llora) #33

Recruiting still open

(Llora) #34

come on down to null sec

(Kristina Yassavi) #35

Will alts be welcome? I have a ratter/pvp main with a miner/indy/pi alt.

(Llora) #36

If your main is in corp, alts are welcome.

(Llora) #37

Still recruiting

(Ncc 1709) #38

still looking for pvp orientated players who like to mine and rat when its quiet

(Llora) #39

Looking for more

(Sunna Regina) #40

Looking for a new Corp. 100+ mill skill points also have several alts. Looking for a new home. Want to blow ■■■■ up and very good at building stuff as well.

(Llora) #41

Come chat in game and apply on our website https://fusen.co.uk/