Game Killing Decisions made by CCP

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If you want to rant about EVE, do it on Reddit…


There is a difference between constructive criticism and ranting. Personally, I wouldn’t restrict ranting because I like arguing. But, at the end of the day, the thread got locked because you broke forum rules, and not because you were criticizing. In fact, right this instant, you can find several ongoing threads that are heavily criticizing CCP.

I rant in this forum against CCP alot but ISD is fine with it. Maybe the problem is the way others delivers thier vexations.


The ISD are other players.

So its other players that can’t stand the crap being peddled. Totally understandable.

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Its not so much what you do, its how you do it.
Simple concept, hard for some to figure out.

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Constructive criticism is ok and ISD won’t touch it. Dumb rage ranting will get deleted.


Oh look! We have a mind reader! Yes, indeed, this person has correctly read the minds of every single person at the helm, and knows their every inner motive and all their inner workings which lead to their universal tolerance of “constructive criticism” and perfect scorecard for rejecting “dumb rage”. (BTW no grey exists in between, so keep it real.)

No further evidence, in the form of SCREEN SHOTS for example are necessary.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

P.S. All ISDs are exactly the same. Basically clones. Perfect clones. And divine as well.

Speaking of rage ranting…


In B4 ISD constructively locks it down hard.

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I fully appreciate that you began eariler with “dumb” rage ranting and then just now went with just “rage ranting”.

If you get the feeling I am taking around the issue, there is a very good and intelligent reason for that. That said, I I hardly feel my explanation of why your absolutism doesn’t at all fly was ragey or ranty. It was certainly sarcastic, but come on, acting like the ISDs are some sort of totally consistent hive mind insulted everyone’s intelligence, even theirs.

FFS ISD’s are only humans. They aren’t CCP employees, don’t get paid. Only wasting personal time on this pile of smoking garbage, only because they care. Getting back trolls and insults.

Everyone makes mistakes and gets influenced by emotions. I don’t agree with many ISD decisions but I at lest have enough respect for work they do that I don’t make 20 threads per day complaining and throwing tantrum like grade-schoolers.

Want to complain? Go on reddit, you gonna fit right in. It’s not like their “censors” will allow to post anything lese there.

Much better than your earlier post. MUCH better.

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