Get rid of alpha status

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No , it’s not the main reason . We had tons of PvE and market bots already , way before alpha clone was a thing.


So if we got rid of alpha we’d still have tens if not hundreds of thousands of alpha gila bots?

Is that what you’re saying that those Alpha Gila Bots will still be there if we get rid of alpha?

If so, can you please explain how that would work?

Criminal activity is not only found with Alpha pilots.

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You can see that by comparing the number of mining barges and exhumers we have , they are far more than Gila pilots .

Do you even hear yourself ?!

So there is something very important called ‘proportionality’, it is an important concept to understand.

Are you saying there are not tens of thousands of alpha gila bots?

Don’t confuse your lack of information with reality.

Share this information of yours about the:

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When I log into New Eden, not even my own alts are my friends.

ie I steal Skill Points from them all the time. (meaning, without that function they would all become Alpha unless there is a reason to have more than one omega active.)

It is just wrong to think of getting rid of Alpha status! Are you asking for 100% free Omega access?


Here is an example post I did about Gila botting in the past:

You should really travel to ‘Omist’ if you don’t know about the plethora of gila bots. You won’t die, there’s nothing there, but tens of thousands of gilas who all dock up when local +1s.

No. Not Omega 100% Free. No Alpha. Out of curiosity, how did you get ‘no alpha’ equals ‘i want to play for free’

Eve ran like this most of its life.

Don’t avoid the question and present actual facts . You claim to have conclusive evidence and information about:

So share this information of yours with us and not some numbers you pumped out ur ass.

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Where did I “claim to have conclusive evidence and information”?

Also, its not hard to travel to Omist and see it with your own eyes. I’m not going to commission a documentary to educate you because you can’t don’t know and don’t care to learn.

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So , I ask you again:

Where is this information ?

So you want No Alpha login? Not even to restart Omega?

IE: Contract 500 plex to Alpha pilot, then that Alpha pilot logs in to accept the contract then uses that plex to restart their Omega status.

I see the master of the straw man has entered the thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You won’t find it sitting in highsec in a cormorant complaining ‘eve is dying’.

You won’t even take the time to travel out of highsec to see first-hand the bots in Omist.

You just want to sit around in highsec yelling eve is dying.

Irrelevant .

Where is this information of yours ?
Do you have proof of:

or not ?

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Its called the ‘Omist’ system. You want me to record a video for you? You that much of lazy trash?

Go there yourself, it isn’t hard.

Yup. I want only existing omega players to play and anyone who has their account expire should be done playing forever.

Thats EXACTLY what I mean when I say ‘get rid of alpha’.

Very insightful stuff!