Getting moving again

Hi, I have come back to eve after dabbling 5 years ago. Back then, I made a few million ISK trading, got my ship destroyed and gave up. I have come back to it and I’m trying to get moving with my character again, properly this time. I have a few problems to overcome though.

Basically the character is flat broke after having spent all my ISK on market items before my ship was destroyed, so all I currently have are a couple million worth of hydrochloric acid that i can’t even afford to transport anywhere to sell. I want to keep this character though as it’s relatively well skilled.

I want to continue the exploration path but I don’t even have the required gear to carry on with the career missions. I’m on mission 4 out of 5 but I assume I need to find a scanner again?

I’ve got omega and I’ve queued all skills for the intermediate exploration career path, but I want to know wthe best way to actually get moving again with no funds and no equipment, midway through the career missions.

I have considered starting a new character and once I’ve completed some of the career missions and have the required kit, transferring it to my other character.

Take the free ship you can get at any citadel or station and run some level 1 missions.



Well I woke up this morning with a notification on my Eve Portal. Whoever you are, I owe you a favour, and I won’t forget.

Do what you said on the last part.

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