Gila getting 5 drones back?

The reason the Gila had three drones removed is because they buffed two of them.
Now that you take the buff away, you can put the other three drones back now.
Try buffing other ships instead of nerfing things causing people to rage and stop giving you money?
Unless it’s the rage and loss of accounts that your going for.

Five drones for a nerfed Gila - lol, NO!

Sure, Gila is a bit stroner ship compared to other similar class vessels (means Faction and T2 Cruisers) and requires a rebalance but not a huge nerf. For a Faction type Cruiser it should be able to apply around 600 DPS. A Faction combat Cruiser with under 550 DPS is broken as a faction one with over 750 DPS.

The problem of current Gila’s nerf is based on the idea that it should affect Gila’s usage in Abyss sites only. A nerfed Gila will have a big issue - it will remain very strong for Abyss T1-T3 sites and other low level Combat Anomalies while will become completely broken and useless for other T4 and high-grade Combat sites (like DED 5/10 and above). Just go and check it, with current 500% buff, in any DED 5/10 or other low- and null-sec Combat Signatures, where are like 12 Frigates, 10 Cruisers and 7 BC at least with some elite beings between them. Gila’s drones have high aggro. Same for almost all LVL4 missions. I don’t believe that a nerfed Gila, even blinged, will be able to perform the T5 Abyssal sites effectively/even, because we can bling the ship, but not the Drones. The T4 or T5 Abyss pockets with Grips Rogue Drones will shrekt your drones very effective and you will just sit there by juggling your drones, reload your uneffective Rapid Launchers, again and again by losing DPS and time until dead end. It makes the content not hard , - but impossible. Just look or remember the Ishtar’s performance there. Gila will have the same or even worse performance, because Ishtar allows to juggle drones without huge lose into dps.

I made a suggestion how to rebalance the Gila in another thread:

Gila buff now =
500% bonus to damage and hit points

Gila buff later =
500% bonus to damage
250% bonus to hit points

It’s not as much of a nerf as you think it is. And there’s no way they’d give you back 3x drones at 500% damage apiece.

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Message for ccp commissioners without balls: on the other two monitors I play real games, this is a little monitor I have for the trolling Friday :joy:

P.S. your “AI” is not wery smart :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh I get it now, CCP wants the Gila to lose more drones.
How can we turn the Gila into an ISK sink?
I know…
I know…
Cut the bonus to HP by 50%

Well I just cut my subscription costs by 100%
Do you like apples?

Lol. So drones of other drone boats live long enough?

You want 5 drones at +500% dps and +250% hp? No way it is going to happen. Unless you are just trying to rmt with multiboxed T3 runs.

CCP changes data points to reduce botting and afk activity by increasing at keyboard drone management and certain people get upset.

Gee, wonder what type of people are getting upset? :thinking:

The ones who pay real world $$ to play this POS game.
I have 12 years worth of playing up for sale in many trade hubs for 30% over Jita prices.
YES you can have my stuff!

Contract it over, I’ll take it all! =)

Seriously though, why are you upset that you might have to replace the 2x drones you’re deploying more often? First off, that’s assuming you don’t pay attention and recall them before they die. Also, most ships would be deploying 5x drones with 250-500% less health each, so they’d be losing a lot more of them, a lot more often.

They are 5x more powerful, but that doesn’t mean they’re 5x more expensive. It costs just as much to replace drones for your Gila, as it does to replace them for any other drone boat. The only thing you’re losing is how long you can AFK your Gila before you have to look back and realize your drones are dying.

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Stupid excuses!!
They can remove (unnecessarily) local in null and 99% of botting will stop …

I don’t even fly a Gila.

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And nothing of value was lost :sweat_smile:

You mean from botters paradise to gankers paradise is any better? :slight_smile:

…because 99% of botting is happening in null? Guess what, plenty are doing it in HS,too.
Just going to be a tad tougher to multibox or afk; even a little more tougher for botting.

Yes big alliances make all their money from selling space to boters. If it would not been like that, either a big alliance and a botters will dissapear …

Big aliances are expensive toys. Disable local in null space, and PVPers will kill all botts, then without revenue from the botters big aliances will just disappear …

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Somewhat an aside but I always thought nullsec should be a mix of some more and some less defined space (without going completely like wormholes) with areas that have higher resources, etc. having things no local and being harder to control both in terms of the kind of things you are talking about but also so that bigger entities could build up the “highways” of nullsec but allowing for areas adjacent to that where smaller entities could potentially hide somewhat and thrive potentially grow from there into bigger entities if they were competent enough.

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Another LSG alt.

At this point you’re free game.

Sure, there are bots in HS. But we’ve also got CODE going around dealing with those.

But that’s b/c if they programmed the HS bots to run and hide the moment they saw anyone else in Local, they’d never be able to deploy. Too much traffic in HS for that. But the Null bots can use that programming, which is what people mean when they say taking away Local would help with the bots. If they aren’t triggered by a new name in Local, then CODE or others like them could get to work killing them.

And if you’re a legit miner / ratter, then you’ll be cautiously watching your Dscan and such in case. You know, since Null is supposed to be dangerous lawless space. You should be watching your own ass, not letting Local do that for you.

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