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This will end well.

what is bugged about the character??

Someone closed a corp with my active application. So that bugs out the app process so i can’t really join a corp without major bugs in the access system. I get errors on both accept and decline and the closed corp app is still there, withdrawing does nothing accepting puts me in a limbo start of partial functionality. Both accept or withdraw creates an error message. The solution to the bug is easy, they just have to stop someone from closing a corp with an active application. And some database expert has to go in an clean up my character record with a database explorer. Oracle discoverer would do if they are using oracle. I could do it myself and it would take 5 min. Because I am directly familiar with the applications and time it takes to correct problems, I know with brutal accuracy how much screwing around is going on in my tickets.

They could break the database link to the corp record with a simple transfer of my character to another account and back, something within the GM’s direct control. I described the issue in direct detail with screen shots and what the fix was and the GM’s are ignoring me and trolling me.

Because it may not be that simple. You are basically telling them to freely move you to another account, which they do not do for free, then move you back, for free… plus trying to tell them how to do their job… idk how simple it is to fix, but telling someone how to do their job, is not the way to do it… believe me, when people tell me how to do my job as a massage therapist, i troll them back as well over that.

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That’s bull, this is not me telling them how to do their job, this is me telling them there are limited options to fix it. At this rate it will take them a million years to come to this conclusion the whole time the character is unusable.


So they aren’t actually trolling you, you’re just mad that they’re taking too long. Maybe say that. Cause I got to tell you, your misleading title and post is the real troll here.


In cases such as this, the best option is to wait. Yelling on the forums will not help you, so I don’t recommend it. I’m going to close this thread now. Thank you.