[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)

Some people aren’t cut out to be pirates. I may have discovered that I am.

Having just finished the Alliance Tournament for the year, my Alliance has gone back to our normal low/null roaming playstyle, which we’ll continue until early next year, when we’ll start thinking about an entry for AT XVI. The thing about a small alliance is that even before we think of matching the top teams in theory-crafting and execution, just putting a team together involves donations from individual team members.

Ten ship AT fleets and implants typically run at ~3 Billion per fleet (including ship options to work around bans) and with the entry fee thrown in, a run of 5-7 fights can easily run to a total bank of about 25-30 Billion.

Aiming to go deep in the tournament can double that, not including a reasonable flag ship (which is 40-60 Billion alone).

So enough with individual donations from the team. Seems there’s lots of people willing to donate without even knowing it.

The first patron happened to be an EVE vet, autopiloting an Orca to Jita. One scumbag Machariel later, followed by a duel to an assisting Scipio and:

20 million in bounty and just 30 million in loot. Not a big start, but a start.

He was super chill about it:

50 million in the AT wallet. A long way to go.

Didn’t feel right to try to kill his pod. At least not in highsec. Seems there’s a lot of pirating learning still to do.

Huge thanks to @Aedaxus, our first team sponsor for next year. I think we’ll get t-shirts made with all the sponsors names.

I would like to thank @Arcanith_Lionheart, who this kill was on behalf of.

PS. Apology for thread jacking.