Greentome Union, for Newbros and Tired Vets alike

We specialize in chewing up rocks and turning them into something useful.

No minimum skill requirements.


  • Belt Mining
  • Gas Huffing
  • Pochven Mining
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Production, Research, and Invention

While we are primarily industry we also stop to have fun once in a while with disposable suicide fleets for roaming Pochven, low/null, etc and getting into trouble.

We also do mission running up to L4s currently, possibly L5s in the near future.

Currently not based out of anywhere specific but most of our members hang around the Verge Vendor region and Dodixie for missions.

We aren’t time zone specific but currently a good majority of members are US based with the rest being in the UK, China, etc

Boosted Fleet Mining OPs are organized twice a week guaranteed, once in the middle of the week and another on Sunday, hoping to get more going once we have more members in the opposite TZ from our current FCs.

If you want to become an FC for mining OPs we will help you do so, we provide all ships/fits for FCs provided skill requirements are met. If you want to know the benefits of being an FC reach out to one of the contacts listed below.

We have our own structures for: Compression, Research, BP copying, Invention, Production and soon refining and moon mining all with very low to no taxes.

SRP is provided for fleet OPs, this covers ship and fit.

Discord: Asteroids Anonymous of New Eden

In-game Contacts: Anthony Kane / Christopher Giacomo / Volt Hellsing / Abadia Khan / Chris48

Sad self bump

Lots of changes since the initial recruitment post, now part of a multi-corp alliance and branching out activities so that PvP players are also welcome:

Are you looking for PvP?

We want anyone who wants to take anything out, even if it’s structures. We want to have a good time shooting things while building a killboard in the green. We don’t care if your new or an Eve Online Veteran. We are located next to a 0.4 and a route to Dodixie and Null, along with a High Sec route in either direction.

Are you looking to Mine?

We run our own ops with orcas and porpoises with nearly the largest boost if not the largest. We offer free Ventures, discounted Procurers. We offer rental ships so you do not have to buy one, just use ours and then return it when done. We pay high even if you’re in a venture. If you wanna mine and put your time in, you should be paid decently for your time.

Are you looking to start production?

We offer a growing list of BPOs to use for free and either the corp or alliance will buy nearly all modules and ships you produce. We want to see success in all of our members regardless of what they produce so even if we can’t use it we can list it on the market in the future, so either way you get paid and the corp and alliance do not take a loss.

Are you interested in J-Space?

We have a growing number of members who are interested in WH and anomalies. Most of our members can get into a Covert Ops ship for free if you do a review course with other members. We will buy whatever salvage or items you pull out of a WH.

Don’t wanna run to the market?

We will buy everything from you, regardless if it is Ore or Items. We will buy it and pay you 90% JITA and take care of the headache for you. We don’t want anyone losing ships to make some money.

Ship replacement?

We offer SRP for all fleet run losses, regardless if it’s your fault or not. As long as you are in a corp fleet at the time of loss, it will be replaced.

Here at Greentome Union; as the Executor for Asteroids Anonymous of New Eden, we want to help our members grow, even if that means turning them into a CEO and losing them in the main corporation. We will help your corporation grow and give you the same benefits when you run your own corp.

There is a place to grow regardless of what way you look, let us know what we can do to help you make up your mind. We have members from nearly every time zone that exists. We are active 24/7 and always having fun.

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