GRiMM HounDs LF PvP Pilots

Very New Player Friendly and there are plenty of helpful players old and new willing to help you in the game.

If you are looking to have fun and enjoy eve Grimm is a great place to start

Definitely a great community to run with, even Ravangard

Come be apart of something great!

Small gang and Wutang all day

Come have some fun with us, ya won’t regret it :wink:

GriMM is where you will find you calling.

Calling AUTZ players, hit me up

Wanting those pew pew pilots, les go!!

anybody who wants to acctually join us… just hop in our discord and come give us a chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Ingame channel is “GRIMM PUBLIC”

Looking for PVPers Old and new

I heard we’re the ■■■■. But honestly it’s only because a legend like myself is a member :wink:

Bumpity booomp

Let’s go AUTZ! And US of course

Bump hit me up bois

good people, good laughs, good fun

Good people, and Rav. Come join :wink:

Looking for PvP pilots in All time zones as we have content in all TZ’s

Come get you pvp on!

100 active and growing, get your ass in here and kill some pixels.

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