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Streaming our activities for all of the world to see via Twitch, Guldan Age Stories is a member of the Nisuwa Cartel living out of the Notoras and Nisuwa star systems. With a focus on small gang warfare and the creation of boosters, Guldan Age Stories enjoys the life of lowsec Pirates, looting and pillaging as they please. Although friends with some members of the Faction Warfare Militias no side has been taken in the war.

If you are looking to live the Pirates life in Eve feel free to drop an application to Guldan Age Stories in game or join our in-game Public Channel: Guldan Age Stories

Activities and Benefits Include
– Lowsec Small Gang PvP
– Lowsec 1v1 PvP
– Ship Reimbursement
– Small but solid Blue List and plenty to fight in the local area
– Access to multiple Upwell Structures through out lowsec
– Training and Mentorship on how to live in lowsec (New Player Starter Packages included)
– Hisec Wardecs
– Biochemical Reaction Facilities (For Booster Production)
– Moon Mining in Lowsec
– Access to an Industrial Alt Corp free of Wardecs for haulers and industrial alts
– Access to a Faction Warfare Corp for your alts to find fights and make easy isk

Check out our website for more information

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Not a bad day

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Wanna add more green to your killboard? A kill is a kill, let’s do this.

Never Forget - Kikimora | Mr Flatulate | Killmail | zKillboard


Fun Times!

2v1 fight with the Atron proving its power

Tama Provides

Looking for more peeps to help me satisfy the blood god!

Come join us for our Wednesday roams!

Help us keep Notoras clean and β– β– β– β–  up Tama. Yar!!!