Has CCP abandoned the mobile app?

There has not been an update since February of 2021,and now it is unraveling more and more. We still have no way of adding the new skills to our queue and the glitch with the target breaker amplification is making it super difficult to move skills or even add skills. CCPlz fix your stuff, don’t leave the app to die like you have for so many other projects.


I have the same opinion, I would not be surprised if the CCP dev who managed the app has left.

App is now ready buggy, plus can still buy and add SP to skills that our no longer available in game… The best bit is that if you add them it’s adds to the ingame skill list.

Don’t worry, they’ll finally fix it again in a few years when another way to monetize it gets figured out. Maybe there will be a plex fee to download it or somesuch.

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Too bad there’s no way for third party apps to update the skill queue. Would have been fixed within a week of the bug being reported.

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Absolutely agree. If its not being maintained they should just pull it.

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This is CCP standard procedure. Over-hype → under-deliver → abandon

Sounds like a lot of my girlfriends :roll_eyes:

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And they also take your wallet in the process if you let them. :wink: