Help us test Beta build for Android compatibility improvements

Works on Moto E5 plus now thanks for the speedy update will post any issues if I run I to any

When I open it, there is a Triglavian photo in background and the crash (Sorry, EPB stopped working). I ve also sent a detailed report.
Device: LG K8 LTE
OS: Android 6.0
Model n: LG-k350n

Device: Sony Z5 compact
Model: E5823
Android: 7.1.1

Basically works.

Bug that I found: if I browse skills and want to add one to the queue, I can click front or end. In both cases, I get a message ‘code=400: msg=user already has skill in training’. Skill is not added to queue.

I do have a couple skills in queue, but the queue is paused and should work anyways. Further, clicking inject sp next to a skill does nothing.

And please, could you introduce decimal points to prices shown? If you select buy skill, you have a hard time figure out if it is 16 million or 160 without those points.

After some deeper testing i can add the following:

  1. The app needs between 20 and 30 seconds (!) to launch every time.
    Ok, the device is 6 years old and on it’s 3rd battery but still … if you just want to quickly check the newly arrived mail, this is very inconvenient.

  2. Notifications have only worked once for the 3rd mail, that i received after installing the beta app, before and after it never worked again. I didn’t notice it earlier as i still have the old Portal app installed and the notifications were triggered by this one.

  3. The mail function itself is very unreliable. Loading an email takes between 10 seconds and never.
    It seems that these effects depend on links inside the email. Email without links load relatively fine while emails with links (especially ingame links like contracts or fittings) it is a game of luck if the mail gets ever displayed or not.

Will keep updating if i find further issues

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Its ok now ! App is smooth and fast, good job.

  • Android 5.0
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • SM-N9005

Small improvements:

  • Exit button
  • In character sheet, SP and ISK numbers need separator (space or .): 15.576.025.890 instead of 15576025890
  • And yes a jukebox would be nice :smile:

Works perfectly after the latest update.

Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

So. Tried to change back to the Non beta version. That has now the same problems as posted above.
Even though the non beta worked flawlessly before i tried the beta.

So I joined the beta branch again and hope I will be able to start the app at some point.

Both beta and non beta have the same error as posted above.

Working on that, will post for that shortly.