Hi guys im new and looking for a Corp

im new to EVE online im 25 looking for a corp to join and learn to work hard and help out if you could reply with discords so we can get talking please do so

What kind of corp are you looking for, there are plenty advertising in the recruitment thread.

Things to consider/look out for

  • are they active in your TZ

  • do they do the things you are interested in, no point joining a mining corp if you want to do PVP

  • are they happy to teach new players the ropes

  • you may be asked for a full, non expiring API, this is fine, it doesn’t give people access to your account

  • many have a public chat channel, go there and ask questions, hang out in the public chat to see how they react to people and speak to people.

  • never pay a joining fee

  • beware people that offer to haul your stuff (maybe genuine but can be malicious)

I am sure there are other bits of advise but this is ok for now


thanks for the help buddy iv looked around loads of unactive people or rude people looking for a team with discord so i can talk have you got discord ?

I have moved your thread to the correct forum section (#corporations-alliances:recruitment-center), hopefully you can find what you’re looking for. Good Luck o7

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The forums have a recruitment section https://forums.eveonline.com/c/corporations-alliances/recruitment-center

Most corporations will have voice communications - either teamspeak, mumble or discord. Better corporations won’t invite you to join unless they have actually spoken with you on comms.

Established corporations will also require you to provide an account-wide API so they can confirm your account history. Spy is a legitimate career in Eve.

Most will also want you to have completed the tutorial and career agents before applying.

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@Do_Little are you still with Virgin in Provi space? New players can get a good feel of null sec from provi, assuming that is what he is looking for.


I have several characters in Virgin Plc but Do Little isn’t currently one of them. It’s a great corp but I believe your first stop after the tutorial should be a corporation that caters specifically to new players.

Organizations like Brave Newbies (https://wiki.braveineve.com/start) or Eve University (https://www.eveuniversity.org/about/) specialize in this.

Those of us who have been playing for a while take the mechanics for granted and often forget just how steep the learning curve for this game is!

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