Hi seeking miners, industry and PVE friends in High Sec

Hi Joe yes we are still recruiting and do you have discord for a chat ?

yup Fridge01#3291

Hi we still looking for players to join our corp…

Hey Wyndii. Have any Aussie’s yet? If not every corp should have one or two. I’m back after a break and looking for a crew.

Hi sure your welcome to join us let me contact you in game.

Still looking for more players to join us…

I’m only a couple weeks in, but I’d be interested in talking to you about joining.

Hey Pantheous I be happy to take you, do you have discord ?

I do, I’d be happy to jump on.

Hey Pantheous I sent you and invite and when you get on tell me your Discord name thanks.

Hey, I am relatively new to the game and am currently figuring out production. Slow but steady profits are coming in. I am in CEST and would love to ask some questions about ur corp via discord if thats possible.

Sure what is your Discord name?

Hey, can I join your corp ?

Hi wanderer are you in game we can chat ? or on discord?

Yes yes im online right now

Sent you corp invite

hey i am a new guy and if you could i would mine for showing me the game and stuff just want to progress

plus i am in the state and it mite be a conflict on time

hey, looking to join, just lmk, thanks

Hi Feracemind and Bradley I sent you both a corp invite.