High-sec ganking is one of the main reasons for the outflow of new players

You carry right on thinking that. Suits my wallet fine.

Yah, I’m sure you are making bank, hauling cheap noob modules around Highsec.


Heh. Or you know I’ve got you dead to rights and so you flee. Its also why you hide behind an alt :smiley:

I’m sure you don’t talk smack at all on your main :smiley: That’s what you got Cilla for and you hide behind her.

Me as well LOL.

Bro you literally KB shamed a noob.

Then do it. But you won’t. Cause it didn’t happen and you are scared to say your main :smiley:

I literally offered to hire you for genuine mercenary work.

The reality is you are exactly the same.

The same player who comes into the forum and says “I’m doing this” and then launches into a tirade when other players offer advice.

I remember vividly all the “gankers are evil”, “pvp isn’t fair”, “I can’t do anything in my procurer because 10 ships will drop on me”

And I remember all the players offering advice and your rude and antagonistic responses. And now 5 months later you parrot back exactly what you were told back then to others. Which is arguably some progress. But the rude obnoxious behaviour has just moved on.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since you were talking about putting missiles on a ganking ship. And your response to people explaining how that was wasn’t a good idea was on par with if they had insulted your mother.

How you can keep a straight face while accusing others of toxic behaviour is beyond me.


Cilly is a literal bot aspirant.

Why would I want to, when I can sit in dock and watch my wallet go ‘kerching !’ every time Aiko destroys those…er…‘noob mods’ and some hapless person has to replace them ? Another hauling mission for Cilla. I mean…if you can’t beat them…tuck into the food chain :slight_smile:

I keep trying to say ‘Praise Aiko !’…but it ends up more like…

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Red Dwarf, an absolute classic and that was an especially funny one you linked there.

Thanks for linking that, I had a really good laugh watching it.

I recruit genuine brand new newbies for my nobody important corp and I don’t understand why people would be giving this 5 month old “new” player isk.

My guys are taken on wormhole adventures and taught the basics of scanning on the first day. They may need a occasional corp whip round for a expencive skill book or the odd “no worries there’s a new one on contract” for a month or two but not for five.

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Because it would be an interesting thing to do that you haven’t experienced before, and the money is just an extra incentive?

haha Destiny, you replied to Cilly - that means she is winning!


Maybe he grasps that I’m not just some corp minion, like your day old noobs, who’ll never be heard of by anyone.

Instead you’re the alt of some corp minion?

Or the minion of a corp minion.

It’s like inception.

How many minions deep can we go.

Yea. Like the ones you throw under the bus and get killed LOL.

Eh, this deep?

Aren’t credit cards wonderful?

I post on the forums, which makes me relevant!


How can you be so stupid (hypocritical) to deny that a beginner should have a save zone for a comfortable and effective study of the mechanics and features of this far from the simplest game. If, at the beginning of the game, a newcomer is “hit on the hands”, and, according to tradition, they are mocked in a local chat, it is unlikely that a person will not be demotivated to play Eve.

I supported, and I will not hide, I participated in high-sec ganking for quite a long time, we destroyed ships equipped with officer and faction modules, while getting a good profit. Thus pushing the “sitting” high-sec players to master other aspects of the game, except for the routine passage of 4 missions. And it was good for the ecosystem of the game.

But killing players who haven’t even played in a week, not for profit, but simply to inflict a personal insult is an unhealthy trend, and definitely requires intervention. Only a mentally handicapped person can deny it. IMHO