High-sec ganking is one of the main reasons for the outflow of new players

As well as people resurrecting topics that both seemed to have run their course, and already have at least a half-dozen other threads open, for the express purpose of crapping up the forums.

That cant be good for keeping folks interested if they peruse the forums.

That’s true, but then by its very nature Eve is the sort of place least likely to have well behaved people on the forums.

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Do you have any evidence at all for any of your claims?

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They don’t :smiley:


I don’t think this is the only incorrect idea in the game, but it sure is a problem. If you can’t afford $15 bucks a month then you should be studying/working/planning in your real life, not grinding away your precious time for pixels and bits.

But real life actually IS a sand box, your choice.

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No, man. These are absolute pure gold. It’s really entertaining to see people hash the same crap, just with new labels and new spins.

When you have athlete’s foot, it’s hard not to scratch.

When you have a crusty nose, it’s hard not to pick

And some if them are really proud to have killed a pod.

When you have an itchy butt and wake up with a smelly finger.

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The solution to this is get new players into factionwarfare asap, they can make good money with a ship they can replace within 15minutes, its what someone suggested to me when I started and it worked out damn well.