High sec ganking

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The bowhead is not tanky, did you forget to activate your hardener? Also 0.5 system, almost lowsec, Talos can shoot what 25s with void on you before Concord dispatches their ships.

Conclusio: you did a piloting mistake on more than one level, it’s your fault nobody else to blame.


It’s not me.
But next time it can be me.
Mine is fully tanked but it wont survive much more.
It shouldn’t die to just 12 gankers.
In hs more like 60+ talos should be required to kill bowhead before concord


Where are you getting these numbers from, and why should 60 be required?


That’s a 1.2b Talos fleet investment to kill you with.

And considering sometimes the payoff of those ganks doesn’t nearly pay for itself per kills, I think It’s already a pretty balanced gank.

If you were moaning about 12 catalysts killing you, then I’d consider this thread fair, but that isn’t the case here.

Btw, did anyone cargoscan you on your way down the pipe ? Did you react to it by choosing a different route ?

If not then it’s well in their favor for taking the bet to blind-killing you and get a decent payoff.

Also, you it was your mistake to be hauling so much isk in one go in the first place, that was BEGGING for a gank.


NOT fitting bulkhead rigs cost him over 100k in raw hitpoints alone. EHP would have been increased over 200k. The Hyperspatial rigs are a convenience in warp speed and was a poor choice in fitting.

Could have also used a Mutaplasmid on that DCU for even more tank.

Still can be ganked but would have required substantially greater investment in doing so.


20 seconds for CONCORD to show up in 0.5 ‘high sec’ system. That’s enough to kill not only Bowhead, but also Orca… or some battleship running L4 mission. It doesn’t matter, how tanky your ship is, against 10 gankers you stood no chance.

That’s EVE Online for you. High sec is the biggest shithole in this game. Gankers killing absolutely anyone they want in front of CONCORD ships, earning milions of isk daily. MTU hunters, who provoke to attack newbies and then got easy kills and cash. High sec is just like low sec or nullsec - same brutal reality, not a place to relax and enjoy the game.


Webbing alt’s are cheap.


So before you put a salt on me would you please look on my kb and don’t compare me to the newbie?

Also it’s not my SHIP THAT DIED.

I’m just worried that i may be next.
I’ve made some research.
Max tanked bowhead have 840k around.
Which means they need 32k dps/s to kil you
You can achieve it by a silly 13 polarized/overheated taloses.

13 polarized taloses is enaugh to kill the toughest available ship in hs.

I find it super unfair.
And i ask for support from you guys, because it’s also for you.
If most of us unite, CODE and other xxxx will have to put real isk behind to gank you in HS.
Right know they do it whenever they want.

It should be more risky for them and certainly more costly.
They can still kill you but 13 taloses is a JOKE.

Please think about it that next time it may be you, or me or your friend who’s trying to live in HS.

Even if not, each and one of you sooner or later use the freighter in HS, or perhaps ur ally use a freight service.
They guy who works for you will get ganked.

DON’T Support this usless CODE, Support real players, not salt miners.


I think I found the problem, madam, someone flushed a toupee



It’s HS and It’s neccesary Evil if u want to travel to Dodixie. Otherwise u have to take another roudabout of 12-13 jumps

Big if

Another one

You might want to research looking at Local, using the map, using D scans and having a scout.

You know, what real haulers do.


pointless post is pointless if your scared of flying in highsec you have no chance in low/null you might aswell become a jita trader and never need to undock again…


Then check out my character please before you hurt yourself with your own words…

Polarized Talos are roughly 200M /ea. If someone is willing to invest +2.5B (plus drugs and implants) you have to consider the value of your potential cargo and fittings when making your choices.

You have tools available to mitigate your risk. Use them.

Highsec isn’t safe.


This is what i’m saying.
Fitted Bowhead is 2.5b.

They are already on pluss by killing empty bowhead.
They get my wreck and also half of those taloses.
Real cost of this taloses will be 140-150m
And if i had a cargo on Bowhead they it’s christmas for them.

How is that risk for them?


There should be alot bigger invest needed for them to kill Bowhead and not 100% to kill me.

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Let’s be honest here, even if it cost gankers twice as much to gank you as your ship is worth, players would still whine about being ganked in high sec…


But i think everyone here can agree(except HS gankers)
That current price for ganking is way too low, and chances to gank are too big.


I must have missed the EVE update where CCP forces you to put 18b in a bowhead and you can no longer split it up between multiple shipments or use courier contracts.


This is the main problem. It’s not really about how many ships it takes it’s that ganking has no risk, only a cost that can be priced in every time. It doesn’t really make for a very engaging mechanic and allows no active counterplay.