[House Cerra] [LUMEN] Statement from Cerra Holding

Multiple Deathglow Attacks Against Amarr Towns and Industrial Concerns with “Heavy Casualties” Reported on Huola VII

House Sarum Alleges Minmatar Terrorists Responsible After Ushra’Khan Operatives Captured on Huola VII

On behalf of Her Ladyship, Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra of House Cerra, I am authorized to release the following:

Cerra Holding on Huola VII has sustained only minor damage following this unprovoked and dastardly attack against civilian populations on the planet of Huola VII. Cerra Holding has undergone numerous defense renovations and exercises following the first so-called “Crimson Harvest” carried out by Blood Raiders in YC 117. Since that initial attack, the 1st Cerra Guards have undertaken a multitude of preparations with an examining eye in particular to Blood Raider tactics. As the last year has seen the Blood Raiders implement the “Deathglow” chemical weapon, defensive structures in Cerra Holding have been hardened with not only blast-resistant doors and shield emitters for potential ground offensives but robust ventilation systems to counteract the Deathglow aerosol delivery methods.

I am proud of the performance of the 1st Cerra Guards in dealing with this emergency. Evacuation procedures and drills regularly conducted over the last several years have prevented casualties among the civilian and refugee populations. That said, several dozen guards were affected by the Deathglow hallucinogen but reports from the central command authority in the Holding have indicated that this was a contingency well-prepared for in advance and these individuals were subdued with nonlethal means and are now being treated in secure, underground medical facilities.

The Holding itself has sustained some physical damage. Camera drone footage has shown that Cerra Cathedral was subjected to violence—a number of statues decorating the edifice were destroyed and the southern belfry has partially collapsed. Nonetheless, we are fortunate that the clergy were evacuated from the premises without incident.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been more severely affected. Only by the grace of God have we been so fortunate as to escape serious destruction, suffering, and mayhem. Unfortunately, our ability to share such fortune with surrounding Holdings is limited as space superiority in Huola remains squarely in Tribal Liberation Force control and the Deathglow aerosols have yet to disperse to non-hazardous concentrations. We strongly advise the affected to remain sheltered in place as authorities continue to assess and respond to this evolving situation.

As always, House Cerra is open to accepting refugees, though due to the aforementioned our services are limited and we continue to strongly advise individuals to remain in place until at least after the Deathglow aerosols have dispersed and any terrorist agents cease and desist targeting civilians either voluntarily or by force of arms.

By His Light and His Will,
Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII


Due to escalations reported elsewhere in on the IGS directed towards Amarr civilians, Khimi Harar is deploying ground troops and security forces to assist House Cerra , and any of its neighbors in Huola who also ask for assistance, with hardening defenses, security patrols and evacutions as deemed necessary or sought. An initial force has been landed and more are expected to follow.

Khimi Harar had previously been providing advisors and assisting other Amarr warzone side worlds, such as in Tzvi, with evacuations and supplies.


I wish you to catch sooner all these tribals and blooders. And I hope you will make them pay for the damage they have inflicted before executing them.

With all due respect, Commander, these are our systems, which the Amarr have invaded. Sarum’s attempt to ‘reclaim’ the population of Floseswin—a Republic system, originally—is essentially declaring the entire non-combatant civilian population to be Prisoners of War.

You oppose Gallente PoW camps where Caldari nationals are tortured and abused. Why do you support Amarr PoW camps where the victims are civilians?

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Huola is an Amarr system. We’re not in Floseswin. This thread does not deal with Floseswin. Floseswin chatter should go elsewhere.

That being said, to the extent LUMEN forces capture any prisoners of war, as opposed to unmarked infiltrator/spy, they will be detained and well treated until the end of hostilities, particularly given Lady Cerra’s views. So far, however, other than a Deathglow attack whose origins are being investigated, it’s only saber rattling as to threats against Amarr civilians, thank God, and one hopes saner heads will prevail befoe matters escalate further on the ground in Huola.


I doubt you will get a response to your question that will sufficiently answer it, I’m afraid. Diana has proven multiple times that consistency is not her forte and that, if her Narrative is challenged beyond justification, she will just ignore it.

In this case, the PoW camp argument is used to justify her racism toward Gallente. However, her racism toward Matari - viewing them as inferior and worthy of slavery only - makes her believe that internment camps are justifiable.

Similarly, she has advocated for Amarrian slavery multiple times but says she is a loyal Caldari. I have met Caldari who have found slavery by trade partners tolerable because it ultimately made the State stronger, however I have never met a self-respecting Caldari who openly sang the praises for slavery before Diana.

And then there’s the whole invading Providence thing…

None of these conflicts of narrative have ever been addressed by Diana beyond calling them slander - even when evidence has been produced to prove there is no slander1. I wouldn’t expect any different now.

1. I don’t mean there was not slander because it’s actually libel when written - I’m not as pedantic as Arrendis even if I am using footnotes. As the arguments against her previously were evidenced, there is no case to answer. Even if the evidence proves to be wrong due to evidence not previously released, publication was made in good faith. One cannot defame another person with the truth - I presume this is why when Diana told me she had brought charges against me for it that the State did nothing and even allowed me to live unmolested in their territory.

Please take all this to off topic? Diana Kim does not speak for House Cerra or LUMEN.


Some say Diana Kim does not speak for herself, either.

Others say that under Diana Kim’s skull, is another smaller Diana Kim and under that is another Diana Kim and under that is a plasteel miniature model of Tibus Heth’s little Tibby.

All we know is, she’s called the Diana Kim.

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Excuse me, but was it related to Floseswin at all?

I mean, I understand when such deranged trolls like @Davlos and @Ange_des_Larmes with foam at their mouth pollute threads by making up more and more nonsence about me, but you? It was said against those who were attacking civilian holdings with Deathglow.

Viavant and Clan Licei have landed a small convoy of volunteers, soldiers, security personnel, and medical professionals to support House Cerra as well as Khimi Harar’s forces.

The goal of this team is to protect House Cerra’s land and property, and especially the 3,000 Moisant refugees who are currently being sheltered by House Cerra. @Shorai_Aikyoraan Ramijozana of Corovid Industries is a team leader and will contribute his knowledge and studies of Deathglow.

The team has been instructed to defer to the leadership of House Cerra and Khimi Harar in all matters unless such orders would contravene the goal of protecting our kin.

Those refugees who were already on Huola VII who have applicable skills will complement the team as well.

Unlike Ushra’Khan, we come for our people.

Astaire Irawakeri Quatrevaux
Custodian, Moisant, Octanneve V
CEO, Viavant


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