How far will plex fall?

If there was a holiday sale then it likely opened up the floodgates to PLEX sellers. It is likely that by the end of the year PLEX will be a significant percentage more valuable, if I had to speculate.

I sold a GTC for 250M. Plex is fine. CCP could stand to find another plex sink.

Oh but they have. It called the NES store item and skin retirement bonanza.

Is this ■■■■■■■■ thread still going?

Is Plex primed to fall farther?

Indeed it did drop, but what’s also interesting is the massive volume, and price drop, in MPTCs. Thanks to the humble bundle sales

SP farming is over 1.6 bil/month with these prices. going to be interesting watching the injector prices in the near future.

How far will injectors fall?

Cody you made people got into panic mode.

Sucks to be them. Thanks for the cheap Plex.

I’ll take em down to 2.5 million.

Is plex really falling? I was on a few month hiatus. Never thought it would happen haha. Swear to god to all of you the past 1 to 2 years has been PURELY Plex is too damn expensive!!! threads

Thanks for all the fish.

Prophet Zahara warned everyone.

wait, what, again?

why should the plex fall naturally? It’s easier to earn that ever. accordingly, the inflation is higher and if more people can afford plex for isk, the demand is higher, the price rises. possibly an explanation for the case that the people have now exchanged their plexes for isk, because of the last fight: / and quintillion-isk-in losses /
plex is a consumable item and can only be purchased for money if someone thinks to invest $ 1000000 to flood the market, then it’s good, then maybe ccp has more money for fixing bugs :slight_smile:

Plex would fall naturally if its real money value dropped.

Which it is with constant out of game sales going on.

yes I still do not understand why ccp does not work against it. so many sites offering all over the place items isk etc … no bans nothing.

The recent sales have all been legitimate as far as I am aware. Many of them actually from CCP, PLEX sales, MCT sales, the galaxy pack…

great question, right now it’s basically CCP manipulation

I posted some of the details as to why plex is dropping in this post. big hint it’s the half off galaxy pack (and whatever the other pack is called) reducing pressure on the plex market from SP farmers.

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