How to apply unallocate SP in Eve Portal?

I realized that new version of Eve Portal allows activate skill injectors but I have no idea how to apply unallocated SP after activating them.

Had some SP on an alt to demonstrate.

Skill > Skill Browser Tab > Apply SP to available injected skill

Unallocated SP is listed on skill browser tab.

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I tried that already and I get this error message:

Note: I’m omega state clon

Is the skill in your plan? If so, you may need to remove it from the skill plan first to apply SP. You shouldn’t have to, but I can totally see CCP having mucked that up on accident.


Yes. -That was the solution! Thanks to both of you guys!

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Glad to hear it. Good to know for the rest of us, too!


Now we have to remove the skill from the queue to apply sp? I hope that’s just a bug.

It definitely is a regression. Before the update, it worked for skills in the queue.