[HS] [LS] [WH] Akimamur Industries - Open to JOIN

after a short break … recruting again … join us today … dont wait …

here we go … open to join …

hey out there … you still can join!!

we are again open to join

hey hey hey … we are online … so contact us now … join our pubix channel …

Saw your post here 167m SP returning player looking for industrial corp

Read your ad and you guys sound like a good change of scenery. Not much for LS so I hope that is not an issue (never been in a WH before, so I’d prob prefer to stick with HS since that is what I know best). Been in Khanid Industry since I started the game several months back, but the corp is pretty much dead the CEO just doeskin kick out any of the inactive members so the numbers are ridiculously inflated.

Where are you at in HS? Im currently living in Ipref.

The level 4 missions part sounds awesome, currently im almost on my way to lvl 3 and I am wanting to train more for incursions.

If this all aligns with your corp send me an invite and I will join tonight or tommorow evening!


hi @Krissy_Aivoras sounds cool - join our public channel!!


after christmas break we are open to join
looking for a new cop or are you new to eve and want to learn what you can do to make some isk and have fun?

join our public channel!!


mail me in game?

hi @Heelah_Joe

yea you can mail me ingame if you ant to join Akimamur Industries


again open to join … dont miss it

we still have an open slot if you are looking for a corp where you can enjoy many things

here we go … AKIMA is now again open for players to join
contact me or one of the boardmembers ingame or come foe a chat to out public channel


hey there … we are open for you to join
alpha - omega - new player - veteran
all are welcome!!

looking for a corp?
here we are … join our public channel!

hey hey hey … we are open for joining again
jump into our public channel


Sat in the public channel, looks like i missed you, but interested in having a chat if possible?
Thanks in advance


hey there
of corse we can chat but usually we are online in the evenning in EU TZ so i guess you missed me because i am in the office make some money

will be on in about 5 hours


I would like to join you

I started 1 week ago but I already know everything from this game.I would like to serve you with loyalty and work hard.Im very active in this game.I already have a cruiser.Waiting you aswer.