I have taken command of CODE leadership: A long awaited and necessary task!

Calm down, miners!

i swear des larmes did put this module in my pod, shes an ag spy.

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Sounds like a resonable explanation.

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I received them from Minx, so I am 100% confident they are accurate and match yours.

Thats cool and all, but mom wanted me to tell you to make sure you take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer before you come upstairs, and it’s your turn to wash the dishes, cuz I did them last night.


noooooo, im doing this space ship stuff first.


Uh, what? Why? Who?

Any awesome updates?

This thread is basically the whole thing, so does not look like much is going on. Another failed rebel.

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Such a disappointment. I wish one of these rebels would put a little effort into it. Give us a little drama and excitement at least, before the CODE inevitably wins again.


It is always fun when a little kid is all excited and goes “when I grow up I want to be a police man”. Or “an astronaut”, or for the really smart and ambitious kids “a CODE. agent”.

Of course the requirements for agent training are very rigorous and most of them won’t make the cut. But even the dumbest kids subconciously understand that the pinacle of EVE is CODE.


Overmind, I am requesting 3.5 billion in SRP. Thank you!

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Overmind’s various rebellions tend to have a lifespan of a few days. It’s a pretty regular thing, but then he comes back to ganking.

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Who is this miner?

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Hey guys, what going on in this threa-?


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another filthy sabotage attempt from the old guard. all they can do, is flagging my post, that speaks out against them and the ISK-followers behind them. in the name of all of CODE i deeply apologize to the staff that has to look it up now. the evil old guard keeps living in the past, unaware of the great time that is awaiting us agents in the future.

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Well it is a pile of boring old balls

You should try harder

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