⭐ IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!


(IChooseYou) #1

I am buying all pilots as I was before.

Steps to take:

  1. Reach me on Discord
  2. Send me a personal message with your eveboard and lowest price
  3. I am willing to be competitive, but I won’t waste time haggling back and forth.

I am currently valuing pilots based on selling injectors for 750mil a piece (at the time of writing this the buy price of injectors is 740mil a piece). Note that if you sell injectors yourself you have to pay a sales tax of at least 1% (in additional to the broker fee).


Is IChooseYou building a monopoly on names?
(IChooseYou) #2

Reserved for future use. <3

(lanyaie) #3

I also buy and sell characters for competitive prices. Would you like a list of mine?

(Sciencegeek deathdealer) #4

What do 5m SP characters with cybernetics and biology V go for?

(Moros Deathadder) #5


I am currently for sale. Give me a fair offer and I’ll let you know!


(Lisa Rei) #6

I am currently for sale. Can I get a quote?


Basic stuff 6.3m sp +194k unallocated, 2 remaps, 0 sec status, in high sec, positive isk

(CH24) #7


taking offers

(Bling SangDo) #8


(Dirty Fox) #9


posting on this forum as well, let me know what its worth to you


(Darkness Andedare) #10

Do gou sell pilots at all? Im looking for an incursion alt

(Puncture Wound Massacre) #11

I’m for sale.

Toon sheet

(IChooseYou) #12

Bump for today!

(Silicon Death) #13


(Nocuous) #14

check this one


pass - 1234

(Egor Kartavenk0) #15


(Lisa Rei) #16

How often do you check because I havent gotten any feedback yet

(Young Loving) #17


(Funtime Genocide) #18


Send me a quote?

(Sir Grimaldi) #19

HI there, I am for sale. Please check out my eve board and send me a quote! http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sir_Grimaldi

PW: 6969

(Nights Harpist) #20

2006 character


pass: 123

Feel free to pm this char offers