⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank [currently holding 614b]

(IChooseYou) #350

Interest for November paid.

(LegionOfFog DDuksim) #351

3B sent for investment

(Donboy L) #352

Thanks for the interest, another 15 B sent for investment :slight_smile:

(IChooseYou) #353

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

(IChooseYou) #354

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

(Jerry T Pepridge) #355

I sent the 20b - no message
is skim?

(IChooseYou) #356

I think you are trolling, but if you are not, send me a screenshot.

(Jerry T Pepridge) #357

i not know thise words
i sended isk no person get?

(Tiddle Jr) #358

Where the moneys is Borat?

(Zahara Cody) #359

Imaginary, like his friends.

(Nero Farway) #360

Another 25b sent!

(Zahara Cody) #362

And you couldn’t make your own thread because?

(NorBdelta Aivoras) #364

Obvious pyramid scheme is obvious

(Kanzero) #365

Unlike the infinitely dubious venture of the OP this new Lucrative Business Opportunity fellow sounds absolutely trustworthy and a trader of both great reach and vast wealth. I shall undertake sending him all of my liquid isk north of 500 billion and I’m looking forward to receiving great returns!

These are the exciting deals I came to this trading forum for. Such a pleasure to work with honest and transparent capsuleers like Lucrative Business Opportunity.

(Zahara Cody) #366

You’d think he could afford his own forum thread with such a stellar reputation. My trillions and I will pass on both.

(Tiddle Jr) #367

Who is the recipient of your 500b at North? And why you send them specifically north?

(Adrian Borowski) #368

5b sent for investisment :slight_smile:

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #369

I would like to withdraw my 50b investment from the fund. Thanks!

(IChooseYou) #370

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

(IChooseYou) #371

Interest paid out for December.