Im looking for a new empire to build

My story is long so take your reading glasses
But i have been a diplomat,industrial managment
Industrialist,miner i have joined new alliances i have helped to take over sov and defend it until we got defeated kicked out of sov and that alliance disbanded which sucked because i liked it there i joined bergmann empire a month after it was established they had a clear goal where i could grow they gave me a purpose a reason to log in a reason to put in all my effort i eventually grew into industrial management but they took a little sitback and the leadership resigned so al my efforts where for nothing i like to build an empire togheter with people independent people corp’s and newly created alliances im looking for a purpose in eve i have also been in big blocs where i hated every second to masive feeling like a number

33 mil skill points in industry and caldari ships all the way to battleships and industry ships to orca’s looking for a new but daily active alliance or corp that want to make their own empire gain their own sov without selling their souls to a bloc

Only intrested in null?
Or could WHs be something for you?

I tried wormholes before but i have difficulty moving around there and operating there to be honest i like high low and nullsec
But whats your group about ?

Ah I know you, Hey Joseph!

Chat with people over in Tribute and Vale of the Silent. Forsaken Empire, Reverberation project, Trigger Happy. They’re all pretty anti bloc and fighting over who owns what right now there. Could be interesting for you to get into.

Hope you’re doing well otherwise.

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Sounds good i will try that tonight

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C5/C5 pvp corp.
Cant really compare to sizes of null corps but i believe you would be entertained.
Been around for 10 years so we arent going anywhere any time soon.

Exookiz on CSM is our CEO

I’ve been seeing Bergmann doing pretty well… If they’re still around. Most new empire projects collapse within a few months :frowning:

Bergmann collapsed leadership litterly gave up while we still had hopes and morale we just had 1 sitback and leadership got burned out so they just gave up and what remained joined a nullsec alliance somewhere

I cant remember where we met before
Your name looks familiar but i dont know the place anymore

Nibiru. Then you went to scalding pass with mindless murderers and then bergmann

Yea thats true
you where with the industry corp right how are you doing ?

Oh wow, that happened faster than I thought. Lol. Just goes to show!

Shot in the dark but if you want to know more contact me in game!

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