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Your thread informs me just ow butthurt you currently are!


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May I remind you this game is rated PEGI 12.

At least act the minimum rating.

Also please raise pocket money to match inflation at least.

I’ll give you twenty dollars to mow my back and front yard once a month kid

You mean garden, yards are made of concrete.

Americans don’t have gardens. We have yards filled with grass. Now if the kid wants to pay for his eve sub I have some grass that needs mowing.

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American toilets also are to be ridden the opposite way as the hole at the bottom is at the front of the bowl.

At least you’ve something to hold onto when applying pressure.

Ypu are heavy idiot sir. Cheers.

Ahh, the bi-weekly “lets crap up the forums” thread.

Lets hope for a speedy lock for nonsense spam and trolling.

And yet you are here adding to the very thing you’re criticising.

Clown you are pure soviet propaganda style troll. Find your balls kid. Never is to late…

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