Imperium Cartel. Null Sec Corp Welcome To The Family Member Of Brave Collective

Imperium Cartel is recruiting

SOV NULL Corp - In Brave Collective

  • Looking for Ratters, Miners and PvPers -
    :heard_and_mc_donald_islands: :eu: :us: EU/USTZ/AU :eu: :us: :heard_and_mc_donald_islands:

  • 16 Years + Leadership Team in EVE - Over 50 toons - Over 100 Active Members with the alliance.

We Offer:
-Real Life Comes First :white_check_mark:
-No annoying minimum PAP/FAT requirements :partying_face:
-Daily subcap, capital and supercapital fleets :white_check_mark:
-SIGs for reconnaissance, blops, small gang, whaling :white_check_mark:
-Ratting and Mining space :white_check_mark:
-Ship Replacement and Fleet Rewards :white_check_mark:
-SIG with daily fleets averaging 300m+ isk/hr :white_check_mark:
-Corp mining ops & PVP :white_check_mark:
and way, way more… (see link below)

  • People looking to progress in to areas :white_check_mark:
    5m Skill Points
    Omega Main
    60 days in game
    Comms (Mumble/Discord/Slack)

Join Cartel.Pub channel in-game for more info and a chat

Discord: Imperium Cartel.

More info: https: Imperium Cartel [Brave Collective]



Always looking for active pvpers

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