Incorrect skill attributes

Some of the skills are showing and calculating against incorrect attributes as follows:


  • Game - intelligence and memory
  • App - perception and willpower

Neutral enhancement

  • Game - intelligence and memory
  • App - charisma and willpower


  • Game - memory and intelligence
  • App - intelligence and memory

Structure management

  • Game - memory and willpower
  • App - memory and charisma

Attributes are by skill, not necessarily by category. For example, in the Neural Enhancement category, most skills are Int/Mem but the Infomorph skills are Charisma/Willpower.

Looks like the App is simply listing the attributes for the first skill listed in the category as the category attributes, whereas the game is showing a fixed “most used” attribute for that category.

Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we will look into this issue as soon as possible.We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Yea this has confused me as well in the past. I don’t think it’s incorrect though, just vague.

Skill categories have attributes, but the individual skills within those categories may have a different primary attribute, or completely different attributes.

As such, the attributes shown for skill categories are a nice guideline, but you’ll have to look for the attributes of the individual skills if you want to know the correct attributes.

As an example:
The Engineering skill category has the attributes Intelligence and Memory.
All of the skills within the Engineering category have the attributes Intelligece and Memory as well, except the two weapon skills Advanced Weapon Upgrades and Weapon Upgrades. These two weapon-related skills have the same attributes that most other weapon-related skills have (the gunnery and missile skills).

It makes sense that these skills are part of Engineering and aren’t placed in either Missiles or Gunnery (because they are ship powergrid/CPU upgrades like the other Engineering skills that are used for both Missiles and Gunnery, not one or the other), but it also makes sense that learning these weapon skills takes the same attributes as other weapon skills. It’s just a bit confusing for people who assume that category attributes would be valid for all skills in that category.