Industrialists armed to the teeth! - Produce. PvP. Play. - [PvP] [Industry] [Nul-Sec] [USTZ]

BrainBox is a new Eve Online corporation created by a group of long-time players who have a shared interest in production.

Building things so people can blow them up is fun, pulling the trigger to increase demand… that’s the cherry on top.

What you will find:

  • Family-friendly, low drama, group of people in US/EU time zones;

  • Wherever you are from we would love to get to know you. As long as you can operate in English (accents welcome, we all have one) we will have fun!;

  • Industrialists armed to the teeth: Everyone of us participates in PvP home defense, roams, and fleet operations. We are active players, the expected attitude… Something to shoot? There’s a fleet? If I can, I’m there!;

  • Everything a modern nul sec corporation should offer to it’s members. Corp and alliance SRP, corp and alliance logistics, market access, etc, etc, etc…

Come and chat with us, you might find a group of friends to fly with!

Learn more on our website
Drop by our in-game recruitment channel: BrainBoxPublic
Chat with a director on Discord

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Let’s chat, you might find a group of friends to fly with!


Cool, chill and fun!