Indy/PvE/PvP Corp welcoming wanderers. The Ringing Vale calls to all

Welcome wanderer.

Long have you searched for a place to belong and at last you have found your way to us. There is much to achieve in New Eden but all know there is no ISK without RISK and some risks are only worth taking with your friends, brothers and sisters by your side. We invite you to make your mark on the galaxy alongside us… and to be a part of something greater than us all.

The Ringing Vale Calls to all… Will you answer?

TRV is an indy, PvE and Hi-sec defence Corp looking to expand on it’s achievements in EVE Online. We have active members in all time zones, a wealth of varying experience to share and a community, fun & IRL first focus. We are looking for capsuleers of all backgrounds to expand on our balanced Alliance economy and to help us provide more engaging content for our members.

We offer;

  • Fun and exciting weekly fleet events in all areas of known space
  • Corp services such as buyback, contract exchange, special events, Corp funded “department” work, blueprint library, etc
  • Facilities for manufacturing, research, refining, compression and moon mining
  • Friendly and social members
  • Tidy & well organised Discord server
  • Alliance and coalition networking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Doctrines and skill plans for all aspects of EVE gameplay
  • Limitless opportunities to have fun and be ISK positive!

About you;

TRV has it’s sights set on greatness in New Eden and as such has some soft minimum requirements.

  1. Keep up to date with our Discord for event information and opportunities. We’d hate for anyone to be left out of the loop.
  2. An easy to achieve minimum requirement will be expected of our department members to maintain and nurture the Corps growth and offer more opportunities for it’s members in the future.
  3. Bring an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. You can’t be ISK positive without being ISK positive.

Feel free to hop into our Public Discord if you have any questions: The Ringing Vale

The Ringing Vale has much to offer wanderer, will you join us?

Seen some fantastic returns in our fleet activities lately! Make sure to swing by

PvP roams this weekend! join up now so you can be just in time!

Bumping for recruits!

Losec Danger mining and PvP roams over the next couple of days! Don’t miss out!

What a week! PvE, PvP, Lo-sec mining & camps and mass industry events all in the last week! Gearing up for some more to come :wink:

Do you let old members back in if they have only been gone a week and they found out the grass was not greener somewhere else as it turned out to be paint or sewer leak. My pi is still running there I think LOL