[INOU] Inevitable Outcome [C2 5/0.0 PVP CORP] [EU]

Active pvp corp, jump in for them explosions and tears

To the Top

Be apart of the PVP and not the PVE

come make fun of our fc with me

UP she goes

Best time to join is now!

plenty of pixels still to shoot

Don’t get bored in other corps with only PVE

Join the discord get involved for that pewpew

Up she goes

Actual PVP corp unlike the other “serious pvp” corps, check the killboards :wink:

Up she goes

Taking her to the top

Inevitable bump

Been playing since 2005 on and off, and this is a great group of people to play Eve with,
Having a ball since i joined, everyday is a mini adventure :slight_smile:

Still open for new members

Come join the fun :slight_smile:

Still looking for new members :sunglasses:

Keep em coming :slight_smile: still recruiting

Recruitment still open