Introducing EVE Academy

Emotions move us before aĺl of that. Consciousness is not limited to the material.

Emotions are just the interaction of the electrochemical pathways of the brain and the hormones they trigger to be released. As a wise businesswoman once said, we are living in a material world. There is no empirical evidence for anything beyond the physical.

If that was true why does quantum computing expressly exclude conscious attention?

Because field interactions near the Plank scale happen in a way we don’t completely understand, and may not be capable of really understanding, only describing through mathematics (much like we’re capable of describing 5-dimensional shapes, but can’t really comprehend what’s being described). That doesn’t make quantum physics any less physical. It only means we aren’t equipped to perceive or understand certain aspects of the physical universe, even if we can describe the effects of those aspects.

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I think you described the process in reverse, but other than that we agree!
There is field that unites us, even vorcypherous.

Is there going to be a separate web site + forums associated with Eve Academy that would prevent veteran players from interacting with the new joins. Eve Online can continue, but the bitterness and b.s. has to be separated to give the new players the same entrance stimuli that Eve Online forums used to be.

Same guy, different haircut

Same guy 6 months later

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Skill queue: Completed

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Looks like it hasn’t updated yet. Just making sure it didn’t get missed.

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I appreciate the attempt to streamline information for new players. There are a lot of things in this game shrouded in mystery, after reading the PvE page I at least knew what some of the terms mean and you saved me some frustration in trying to solo an incursion lol. Also the links provided some new ones.

More info for new players the better I think. Keep the press on. :+1:


Glad that it helps and thanks for the feedback. Feel free to share with us if you have any questions or comments regarding the academy, this is something we’ll continue to evolve.


For a very very very long time, it was hard to get any information about the game with any reliability. None of the player resources are sufficiently maintained, I appreciate CCP establishing a baseline for approved resources.


Just pinging again :heart:

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Bunch of small updates being worked on, I’ll be sure to keep poking them about this one for you!

Edit: It’s on the list, they’ll be done in bulk here soon.


I am incredibly pleased to hear that there is steady iteration @CCP_Aurora


It’s updated! Thank you!

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Out of curiosity: Why can’t I open certain parts of the academy ingame in the agency window? Especially cards like the Magic 14 would provide a greater help and benefit if you could open them ingame and could thus buy, train, view the skills via rightclicking the links in the Agency instead of having to copy the skills from the website into the game.


Creating abysmally counterintuitive content is not enough - need more redundancy :bulb:

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