Is there possible to give warnings for local chanel

If the enemy or without a tag enter the local channel, I want to get a big bang sound to warn me. If so that would be nice.

What does this have to do with the Eve portal App?

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Unnecessary translation:

“I want to be afk and be summoned back to my computer by loud noises so I can roleplay a bot. That would be nice.”


There should be a cost for inattentiveness and afk gameplay.

If you, however, you are an active player that is just slow to notice new people in local, there are things you can do to help you out.

  • Make local long and thin, so that you can see as many names as possible.
  • If you play somewhere where neuts are commonly in system, you can click on a name and press ctrl+A in order to highlight everyone. Then, new players in system will stand out.
  • If you belong to a group, you should be on comms and in their intel channels. Larger groups even have quiet subchannels, so that you can watch youtube and still get a heads up (of course, people might not always shout).
  • Keeping one eye on local gets easier with practice (it becomes muscle memory), and as you get familiar with your content (it will no longer demand your full attention).

It is against Eula to use programs that will alert you to someone being in local and could get banned for it.

But in general Shipwreck’s advice is solid, also if you are in null fitting tank + having some type of response fleet is more fun than avoiding everything : P get a lot more action that way.

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“Nice” until you forget to mute when going into Jita.
Aside from that follow Shipwreck Jones’s advice. Here is a pretty popular article on how to adjust your overview to be more helpful.

Absolutely right! You are so smart!

I agree with the OP. And it fits the logic of the fiction we play.

When Han Solo and Chewbacca or the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda or James Holden even on the Knight are doing any kind of maintenance on their ships (or themselves; gotta pee) there’s always an alert that sets them running back to their controls and keyboard.

Same as those of us who aren’t looking for fights and need the maintenance of a sandwich.

This is not a good idea. The loss of ships is necessary for the players who want PVP.
If there were a local warning, there will be less lost. Those who like ganking will leave when they feel “my pleasure been taken away”. I used to think that AFK judgement is an excuse created by CODE to gank semi-AFK miners in hightsec. But today I know where it come from. I would like to close this topic if I found the button.

Hello, This sounds like an EVE Online game-related problem to us. We recommend you submit a ticket via the official website (Submit a request – EVE Online).


Really ?

Local is your warning…

Unless local is delayed… Then to bed