Is this legal? Website, YouTube and Twitch EVE item and isk giveaway contests

Oh yup the magically teleporting pilot license extension. :joy:

Edit: The original idea was about skill injectors though so that is why we started discussing Jita undock.

True, but I can just convert them into isk and then into plex.

But yeah busy this Friday, so maybe I will try to schedule it for next Friday night. I’ll show my friends if there is anything in my inventory they really want and after they go through that, I’ll convert the rest into isk and then plex. May take a while as have crap everywhere.

Thought this was just a joke or at most a theoretical discussion, didn’t know you are quitting EVE for real.

Oh no. If nothing else, I’m never getting back into industry and I got like 2 almost fully research orca bpos, charon, and a few battleships bpos.

The only thing I really would want to keep is my Gila. My industrial character can get skill dumped though since unless they let F2P fly orcas, I’m not going omega.

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If you find them useful feel free to mention my guides and giveaways in your stream, word of mouth can go a long way in letting people aware of them who may benefit from them, here is the related thread:

Can his stuff have my stuff? :thinking:

If his stuff is his ship and your stuff is what he got from your wreck then sure.

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This. I’m sure Mike could do some really good things with your stuff. He’s 100% legit and a great guy. I donate to the bus myself, but not near as much as you have here.

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Bear in mind that IANAL and IANCCP:

Giving away items is fine.

Gating the giveaway of items by anything involving real currency is not fine. This includes subscriptions. Increasing the likelyhood of getting something is not fine.

Having a giveaway triggered by subscriptions or donations is possibly fine, as long as anyone can win, with the same probability (without giving anything). This is somewhat grey.

This space home of capsuleer, those ships idle,
This cruiser of majesty, this carrier of fighters,
This other frigate, semi-polarized,
This citadel built by him for himself
Against wardec and the hand of war,
This happy breed of corpmates, this little world,
This precious item set in the containers sea,
Which serves him in the hi-sec or a wormhole,
Or as a POS defensive to a Titan,
Against the envy of less happier aliiances,
This blessed cargo, this stuff, this item, this stash…

What you should do if you really want to give stuff away is just take the stuff to a random station and deliver it to a random person. Just click deliver to and start typing letters and see what name pops up and give them something rinse and repeat

Ok. I was thinking like this…

Maybe for every certain amount of likes and comments or channel sub (not donations) (depending on twitch) I’ll leave a station with 250 million isk of stuf in a shuttle that you could pop in a catalyst.

And for every time an amount maybe like 25 subs. I’ll go back in the station and undock again with another shuttle with 250 million isk worth of stuff and keep doing it until I run out of stuff… Lol. I got 1000 shuttle at a station so it will be a matter of just filling them up with plex and blue prints. Though I really wan to try a Rattlesnake and see how long it lasts, but I’d put maybe 2 researched orca and 1 researched charon bpos in it and just have a route from Jita to one of my fav systems and go back and forth until someone gets theirs hands on the bpos.

Technically to participate you don’t have to sub, but it will only encourage me to undock.

How about something like that?

Now… I just have to move those shuttles and get everything into stuff that the shuttle can carry.

Also I guess I can just self destruct shuttles, but I’m sure people would want the kill mails with that stuff dropping.

As long as people do not have to pay to participate (in-game or out of the game) and have equal chance of getting the reward (so no action like a sub grants them higher chance or not subbing lower chance) I think it should be okay.

But of course only CCP and their support department can provide an assured answer, anything else is just speculation.

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Yeah. I’ll announce the system and time ahead of time on out of pod as my rage quite thread. technically you won’t have to sub or be watching twitch when i’m pressing undock button. Just I need the sub motivation. Like every 25 subs I will undock another shuttle. I gotta do the math and figure out what I got. I just found 500 Plex on an alt account. Also found a Zephyr, and that one 400 million shuttle and a quafe cargo (not ultra as I wasn’t that space rich). Will have to get those hauled by contract so I don’t get ganked on the way over to the starting place.

Also I dropped out of my corp so will be npc corp so has to be gank and not a war dec.

But think of the law abiding citizens, they will have no chance of getting the rewards. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose… I could to a hidden spot and eject the can. Don’t blame me if someone shoots you if your yellow. Also can you put things into peoples cans? I could just go to a belt and put it some poor miner and all the people show up trying to get it out of his can.

I was just joking though it is a valid concern as well.

You can jetcan then abandon if you want them to be completely safe when taking it.

You can jetcan but not abandon so they have to become suspect to take it. (If you do this within a station’s docking ring then they are 99.999% safe doing this as they dock right up after taking so if you want them to actually fight over it then jetcan it outside of station docking perimeter, preferably at least 25 kilometres or 50+).

You can just use your original method if you want them to become criminally flagged, though in that case they will be concordokken thus need an alt to do the taking which is very unfavorable against alpha clones as they can not play on more than one character at a time while an omega can.

Oh and another thing to consider regarding the above: If you jetcan the loot is 100% guaranteed to be available for the taking while if it is in your ship’s (may it be a shuttle or other) cargo hold and involves killing that ship then there is only a 50% chance for it to survive the explosion thus there is a 50% chance for the reward to go to waste.

Ok I’ll setup a safe warp and maybe eject there lol. But may not make it…

Of course… I can always just say I will eject once I slow boat out of the perimeter and see everyone can control their catalysts. Put like a destination on a container and if I get to it, then I will eject the item, but otherwise, I’m not to blame for losing the loot if someone shoots me. For a social experiment.