Is WR0NG right for you?

Our VERY impressive logo.

Hey there!

Wanna join a shitty null sec wormhole alliance?

Wanna get pinged on discord at all hours of the day and night for no discernible reason?

Wanna have the most convoluted set of blues and bluetrals outside of FAPI no blues because we’re diplomatically stunted and too stupid to work with?

Wanna contribute to the absolutely shittiest killboard in New Eden?

Wanna slowly go broke smashing yourself against blobs of hostile ships?

If you answered “yes!” to any of those questions … seek help. But also, join WR0NG!

What we offer:

  • The worst FCs you’ve never heard of.
  • Pings for fleets you can’t go on Pings for pictures of stupid ■■■■ and when people are bored.
  • The worst advice given to you by over confident but grossly misinformed low SP players.
  • A JF service.
  • Some free ships … Some, not all… and only until we go broke We went broke, this is no longer available.
  • ■■■■ talking on Discord.
  • A buyback system for loot and whatever. See the point above about “free ships.”
  • Industry stuff? I dunno. We don’t do this anymore.
  • Memes or whatever.
  • We drop dreads on stuff from time to time, if we ever get them out of asset safety.
  • We have a strict RL comes first policy, no “divorce your wife and sell your dog red pen must attend” CTAs. We don’t do CTAs anymore no how.
  • An Alliance Tournament team that will make you wanna ■■■■■■■ puke! Auto cannon Tornados? Really? RIP my Twitch points. We still use auto cannon Tornadoes though.

What we’re looking for:

  • A pulse.
  • A microphone and the willingness and ability to use said microphone.
  • Be of legal age. No minors.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Not take yourself or the game too seriously.
  • If you are new-ish, a willingness to learn via explosions.
  • If you are a bitter vet, a willingness to mentor those learning via explosions.
  • Corporations welcome!
  • Alliances to join the Cockroach Coalition in Esoteria! This did not age well.

Listen, we need the people, our standards are low… like really low. Join WR0NG today!

Bring your whole corporation!

Look, the last iteration of WR0NG we found out exactly what could possibly go wrong, we’re moving to correct that. We grew too big too fast and like Icarus we flew too close to the sun and came crashing down. Super Krabs not wanted. Indy players not wanted. Canadians not wanted Canadians on a case by case basis. We’re looking for cool* people to wurm hole with. We’ve tossed off the shackles of Sov and now hunt the flood plains and rental empires as we see fit. No blues, no masters, no gods. Check us out, or don’t, whatever.

Join us for the Friday Fuckaround!

Positive reaction to our recruitment process!

We’re famous! CCP mentions us in their patch notes!

Officially part of the MCU!


Our terrible Killboard


More Funny

The recruitment chat is … well, be prepared.

*cool as in not completely smooth brained. We don’t need to see your High School graduation year book picture or whatever.

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