ISK Amounts are not displayed

I have the latest version of the EVE Portal app installed on a Galaxy S10+. ISK amounts are not displayed anywhere in the new wallet section. Only on the Character Switch screen is the character’s wallet balance displayed.

Where ISK amounts should have been displayed, there’s only a period “.” . The period is coloured accordingly for the context (white, grey, red, green).

As you can see the icon for the summary and graph is also in an odd position.

An additional screenshot:

Hello! Please let us know if your system language is English, or if the issue can be resolved by setting it to English, thanks!

Language is set to English (South Africa).

I have the same issue, also set to English, South Africa. If I change to English, UK, the ISK values are displayed. Change back to South Africa and they disappear again.

Any word on a fix for this?

Hello! We are still looking into this. As a temporary solution, please set the system language to English (United States). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Any update hare? I have similar issue. Set my system language to English (US). Still no isk values displayed?

Reason for the issue is because south africa uses a comma for decimal values where uk uses a period that is why changing region works, hope ccp short this out.