Issues (android) and suggestions

Noted these issues in a survey response i did but now that there’s a forum:

Android 9, Pixel 2 XL:

  1. Replying to an evemail, did not show who the person I was sending to was. Showed an empty box inside the “to” field so it indicated it was going to someone, just not who. Also did not show their name even in the quoted text of the evemail i was replying to. (Once I sent it, it showed the person’s name. go figure.)

  2. In same evemail composition, discovered that typing an evemail out works literally like NO other text input I’ve ever seen on android - even different than filling out the comment section on the survey in the same app. Rather than going word by word, it kept the entire typed evemail in the text input on the keyboard. I am not sure if this negated spellcheck entirely, but it was extremely confusing because I’m used to tapping out of the keyboard on the screen to move the cursor back to fix a typo - not having to find it in the text-input on the onscreen keyboard itself.

  3. Calendar: receiving multiple notifications for same event in corp calendar. Suspect it’s sending a notification every time the event gets an update. Would be nice if this could be mitigated.

  4. Calendar: Very confusing bug here: Calendar is showing that I’ve marked events as Tentative, Accepted, Declined… I don’t do this. I never do this – all of my events should be Not Responded, and in-game shows they are. So Portal does not match in-game reality. It appears it is setting my response to a calendar event in the Portal app, to whatever the last person to reply to it replied. (It does show “not responded” if nobody has, yet).


  1. Industry Jobs management - being able to Deliver a blueprint research and start another would be epic. Same with manufacturing jobs. I often work very long hours, so I have to currently try and schedule industry jobs to finish while i’m at home. This doesn’t always go as planned, so being able to update while at work would do wonders.

  2. It’s a long shot, but in-game chat. Ability to log in to in-game channels through portal and chat with my friends and corp-mates would be pretty sweet as well.

  3. Portal Bug Report option on the general Bug Report form on