ITS ONLY PIXEL Training Academy New Bros For Null Sec

First welcome to it only pixels

Are you new to Eve Online? Looking to learn the game and the basics of living in Null sec from making to PVP in to PVE automatic new people within the eve online community?

Join our a discord to find out more. Pixel Diplo/Recruitment

Looking for new guys from 0 skill points up.

Bump! !

Bump! !!

why is invite invalid


I’d like to join a good Corp, but I keep getting lost in the process. Newbro here, with over 5 mil SP, eager to learn, can fly just about anything and had lots of rat fights, with a 99% kill rate (34% bad standings with Serpentis) hehe. I just need to stay alive from predators. I need to learn the proper fitting of a ship, basic to advanced defense and attack strategies, countermeasures, augmentations for extra skills, weapon selection or ship selection for specific sorties and why, and so much more I can’t even begin to fathom. Interest in Mining, much PS have been rendered in that. Thanks for the time Fly up and straight. Rob Gallandt aka Snoopy8749 on Discord. and in EVE ONLINE TV Twitch