jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Yenna Zambooruk) #204

Hi again,

Thanks for all the work you put into JEve Assets.

Just noticed a strange result from some analysis I have started on Transactions export.

A Buy by my Corporation is listing twice ; once as Corporation and second time as CEO.

Hopefully I am only paying once for it ! ( from Master Wallet and I realise that would be an EVE bug, if so)

thanks, Yenna

(Golden Gnu) #205

I never got the time to look into it. It’s still on my list of stuff I need to do, though.

Thanks, Happy users for the win :slight_smile:

Thank you for your bug report :slight_smile:
I will look into it, but, I don’t have any time to work on jEveAssets ATM. so it may be a while before I can release the fix.
Ensuring uniqueness have always been tricky with both the Journal and transactions.

(Grayclay) #206

What does the Stockpile do?

(Lawrence Lawton) #207

Stockpile allows you to create a list of items that you want to have stocked in a particular place and keeps a count of inventory levels so you can buy/build/import more before you run out. It’s pretty powerful.

(Lil Afro) #208

For some reason, the contract items section has started throwing a lot of errors in recent days (I use it to monitor corporation contracts so have ~50 contracts/character for 8 characters).

The errors vary but the three that I have seen are:

  1. Unknown Error: Read timed out
  2. Unknown Error: Connection timed out: connect
  3. Unknown Error: Remote host closed connection during handshake

(Jin Rot'hani) #209

If available plz add a new itemdb, thx

(Golden Gnu) #210

It may be the the API that is unstable, but, I’m not sure.

EveKit is getting a major update today (moving to ESI), so that is all I have time for this weekend. I will try to find the time to look into it next week.

Data update have been released, sorry for the delay. Sadly, I have almost no time to work on jEveAssets ATM.

(Golden Gnu) #211

:exclamation: Important Notice to EveKit users :exclamation:

EveKit have been update to use ESI.
Until I get time to release a new version of jEveAssets tomorrow (CET), jEveAssets will not be able to update from EveKit.

As soon as the new version of jEveAssets is released and you have updated everything will work again.

You should also check your ESI accounts on the EveKit webpage as there have been some problems with expired keys.

Thank you for your patience…

(Golden Gnu) #212

jEveAssets 5.4.3 released

-Updated EveKit library to 2.4.0 (ESI data model)
-Updated EveAPI library to 7.0.4
-Updated eve-esi library to 2.1.5

:warning: You need to update to this version to use EveKit.
All previous versions of jEveAssets will no longer work with EveKit.

:exclamation: If you use EveKit, you need to add your ESI accounts on the EveKit page, as EveKit have now fully moved to ESI and does no longer update from the XmlAPI. Don’t worry, all the historic data from the XmlAPI is still there and have been ported to the new ESI format.

(Lil Afro) #213

Done a bit more testing and it seems to be very network specific. Not sure if there is something as basic as a few more retry loops that could help solve/mitigate it.

(Golden Gnu) #214

The retry logic is very conservative.
ESI retry once. EveAPI and EveKit does not retry at all.

What API are you using?
I can make you a test build next week and we can see if more retries fixes it :slight_smile:

I will also suggest you update to the latest version of Java, as well (just to make sure that is not the problem)

(Lil Afro) #215

@Golden_Gnu using ESI for everything at the moment. I need to use the jmemory jar due to the memory limitations (in case you need it when making a custom build).

Will make sure that my Java is updated now too

(Grayclay) #216

Love the app, use it probably every day.

Two days ago, I finally updated Structures for the first time in months. My Tracker graph subsequently flipped out.

It used to be a very smooth upward line, and now it looks like it’s straight up not seeing assets in certain time frames. Any ideas what would cause this? I definitely didn’t lose half of my net worth yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

(Grayclay) #218

I am, which may or may not account for some of it. It is mostly just weird that this wasn’t a problem until I updated Structures, but maybe that is when the app figured out the excavators are in my rorq vs. not in it.

(Golden Gnu) #220

You’re not the first to report this problem, but, so far I have not been able to find the bug, as I’m not able to reproduce it myself. I will take a look at the structure update logic related to the tracker, this may be the clue I needed to find the bug (I hope so)

Thank you for your bug report :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for providing support for the jEveAssets users.

(Grayclay) #221

Are there any logs I can send?

For what it’s worth, I’m using version 5.4.3. My ISK page and Values pages give what I would expect to be the correct totals, but the Tracker tool is wildly in flux. Assets in space do not appear to have any bearing on the Tracker seeing them.

(Golden Gnu) #222

The logs won’t help. But, if you could email me (My email is on the wiki)
And are willing to share your profiles and settings I should be able to reproduce the problem.
So, far I have had no luck reproducing the bug and that is why I’m not able to fix it.

(Johann Hemphill) #223

PSA: I just discovered a case where certain locations were not included on the tracker graph. If you find that the tracker graph jumps around when you move stuff in-game you may have some locations not being counted. The solution is to uncheck and recheck the box beside Assets inside the Tracker Filter.
When I first looked at mine this the main Assets box was checked but some of the individual locations were not. This simple fix made me 5b richer :slight_smile:

(Golden Gnu) #224

Did the button show the check mark (as shown in your screenshot) before you did the workaround or was it another icon?

(Golden Gnu) #225

:exclamation: Important Info :exclamation:

The XmAPI will be closed down tomorrow during downtime (8th may 2018).

A new version of jEveAssets will be released with the XmlAPI removed, your old Xml accounts will stay until you migrate and delete them. But, they will no longer be updated.

Additionally, starting midnight UTC between the 7th and the 8th you will not be able to update the Journal from EveKit. This will be corrected when I release a new version of jEveAssets. As always, EveKit will keep all your history, so, nothing will be lost. Once updated to the latest version of jEveAssets everything will be there.